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Joy to the World

A nice, moving and powerful Christmas rendition of Joy to the World. It features a full, hollywood-style orchestra with percussion and a choir at the grand finale. Great for christmas tv specials, holiday shows, family shows, commercials and everything else around the holiday season.

Silent Night

Beautiful and emotional orchestral arrangement of the christmas classical "Silent Night". Soft strings open the track and are joined by woodwinds and softly played horns. Perfect for christmas and holiday scenes, christmas specials and where a well known background music is required.

O Christmas Tree

Lively and powerful rendition of this christmas classic in a typical Hollywood/Disney arrangement. A huge, epic orchestra plays this wonderful title and brings the christmas spirit to you. Great for tv shows, movies, christmas specials, commercials as well as animation movies.

Trip to New York

Great and light acoustic pop/rock piece that could be used for corporate presentations, slideshows but also for roadmovies because of its driving and uplifting nature. Especially the last part of the song where the piano goes higher in the melody is great for a situation that needs a special push.

Santa's Elves

Hear the bells and invite the family! Santa's Elves are already preparing all the gifts for christmas and are sorting out the good kids from the naughty. Lively, playful piece that fits perfectly for your christmas tv special, commercial, film - anything from that very special time of the year.

Jingle Bells Ukulele

Happy, positive and magical version of Christmas Jingle Bells with ukulele, glockenspiel, sleigh bells, bass and drums. Ideal for joyful and playful christmas projects, especially for kids.
Yann Keerim