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Warm and ambient synthesizer, followed by a steady side-chained kick drum. This is one of those emotive summer tracks, for a party that just keeps going and going.

Outdoor Thrill [Punk Rock Pop Sport Adventure Action Energetic]

Outdoor Thrill features an encouraging electric guitar and honored drum kit playing together in a catchy, empowering Pop Punk track. This energetic and upbeat tune is suitable for sports, reality TV, travels, adverts, short promos, ads, outdoor activities, fun and playful content, and more.

Lifted Spirit [Indie Pop Inspirational Uplifting Emotional Happy]

Lifted Spirit is an empowering Indie Pop track, featuring uplifting piano, stimulating male oohs-aahs and electric guitar creating a delighted mood. Best for content related to travels, inspiration and motivation, love, family, couple relationship, animal wild life, vacation, countryside, off road, ...

We Made It [Rock Motivational Radiant Sports Uplifting Spirited]

We Made It is a spirited and upbeat tune, featuring radiant male oohs-aahs, electric guitar and drum kit creating a cheerful, engaging mood. Perfect for campaigns, promos, sports, adverts, intros, action, motivational and inspirational content, celebration, and many more.

Far We Have Come

This orchestral cinematic soundtrack draws you into a world full of inspiring innovation and emotional epicness. Sometimes you just have to look back and recognize what you have achieved and thus get an idea of what can still be achieved in the future.

Sounds of War

This is an Epic orchestral track with a sad and nostalgic flavour. Starts with a soft introduction and goes building up to a glorious and epic part and finishing with a light and melancholic strings.
Yann Keerim
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