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Hard rock with a groove. Great for tv and movie scenes of intense energy and high-adrenaline. 90s/2000s inspired alternative rock, based around a memorable, rhythmic groove. Features crunchy, distorted electric guitars and an epic breakdown section in the middle which could work well for moments o...

Energetic Action Drums and Stomps

'Energetic Action Drums and Stomps' this is an energetic and powerful epic drum track, consisting of different drums, percussion, claps and stomps. It is perfectly suited to emphasize sport and action vieos, action-packed commercials, films, Youtube videos, games, intros etc..

Edge Of The Blade (Epic Adventure)

Symphonic dangerous epic. Tensive confrontational and heroic impact energy. Enchanting and glorious at the same time.

Dragon Age (Epic Tension)

Powerful and epic high impact cinematic track. Tensive, heroic with big drums, melodic strings and epic brass. Action Adventure Horror Epic Chase Thriller Army Trailer Videogames Fantasy War.

Epic Cinematic Inspiration Background

An inspirational, uplifting, evolving, emotional epic music track, full of emotions, designed to work along with corporate videos, explainers, product presentations, movies, trailers, drone and wedding videos. It features an emotional piano, orchestral strings, horns and percussion, as well as a ...

Round Round

A banging trap track with male rap and vocals. About getting nowhere and self reflection..dark and swaggy vibes with a hint of R&B

Cinematic Adventure

Powerful cinematic inspiring epic track with emotional and dynamic orchestral strings

Building The Tower

A suspenseful, orchestral hybrid track, featuring insisting strings, epic brass, tickling ethnic percussion and huge drums. Styled for factual documentary background and historical and news underscore. For ads, promo, commercials, corporate, trailer, youtube videos and media projects about history, ...
Yann Keerim
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