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Terrible secret (Frightening electronic music)

An unusual electronic background with a mysterious frightening atmosphere and an intimidating mood. Combined with mystery, suspense, thriller, horror, commercial projects, etc.

Fear of the unknown (Tension electronic ambient)

A frightening electronic background with a tense atmosphere and a mood of suspense. Combined with horror, suspense, thriller, suspense videos, commercial projects, etc.

Mystery shopper (Strange suspense electronic)

An unusual electronic background with a mysterious atmosphere and a mood of suspense. Combined with mystery, suspense, thriller, horror videos, commercial projects, etc.

Thriller Tension

It`s a cinematic music track with tension. Perfect for investigations, detective, horror and action scenes in movies. The track creates a sense of anxiety, insolubility and anxious anticipation. Perfect for Drama, Thriller, Detective, Documentary, News, Horror, Crime and Law Television, Commercial, ...

Brutal Heavy Electro

A brutal, powerful royalty free electro tune with hard beats, edgy synths, heavy pads and an ominous bass, best for extreme sports, GoPro or action contents.

Dark Valley (Suspense horror music)

Intense dark electronic music with an atmosphere of suspense and a frightening mood. Combined with horror, suspense, thriller, tense videos, commercial projects, etc

Return Home

Very emotional and ominous epic track realized by a big lush Hollywood-like string sound, a beautiful melody, and accentuated orchestra percussion. Accompanied by long chords and the grand piano, the atmosphere intensifies towards the end and is continually driven by drama, romance and passion.

Between Two Worlds

Lush, melodic and emotional epic track with a modern mix, big percussion and big finally with choir and brass. Beautiful melodic passages that create a rich and heroic atmosphere, surrounded by percussive trailer hits.

Horror Halloween

Very creepy horror track for Halloween or horror trailer. Mysterious and horror atmosphere! Perfect for Halloween, Film scores, Horror trailers, Thriller movies, Ghost stories videos, Christmas Horror videos, video games e.t.c

Zest of experiments (Tension electronic background)

Exciting experimental electronic background with a research atmosphere and intense mood. Combined with intense, experimental, immersive, scientific videos, suspense, commercial projects, etc.

Dark Mysteries - Dark Synth Thriller Music

Dirty bass synths, dark atmospheres, and exciting synth accents. Unsettling, dark, horror, and action vibes. perfect to accompany horror, thrillers, and the darker side of drama.

Look in Here ( Mysterious Drama Tension )

Dramatic music that is atmospheric, subtly dark, and tinged with a sense of mystery Entrancing keys and percussion blend with darker ambient and orchestral elements. Propulsive, exploratory, dark, and mysterious vibes.

Mystical cinematic horror suspense background music

Mystical music experimental horror, with tense atmosphere and deep tools, plunges into a dark unknown world.
Yann Keerim
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