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Jupiter's Embrace: Hazy Sci-Fi Soundtrack

Jupiter's Embrace is a dark ambient soundscape. Eliciting reflective, contemplative tones, this is a very versatile instrumental. This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertisemen...

Dark Cinematic Orchestra

Dramatic and realistic original orchestral piece for ominous and dark scenery or dramatic event occuring. Very useful to create uneasiness and a sense of doom and danger. Great for your film, game or anything else that needs a dark realistic orchestral edge.


Dark, scary horror trailer music with staccato strings, monster impacts, big brass and horrific witches voice. Great for all kind of promo, opener, intro and trailer.

Broken Klavier

A dark, orchestral underscore with extraordinary sound design and piano fx for horror, crime, thriller and action themes. Great for horror or thriller movies, video games.

Ghost In The Mirror

Dark and scary sound design trailer music for all kind of horror themes with unexpected impacts, calm piano, low booms, reversed fx and monster brass. Great for opener, intro, promo and trailer.

Dark experiments

A tense minimal experimental background with a creepy atmosphere and an anxious mood. In combination with detective stories, suspense, thriller, disturbing videos, commercial projects, etc

Disturbing events

Disturbing dark electronic music with an atmosphere of suspense and a frightening mood. Combined with horror, suspense, thriller, tense videos, commercial projects, etc

Halloween is close

Fast scary music with a dark tense atmosphere and a Halloween mood. It is combined with videos dedicated to Halloween, as well as projects that require a dark, gloomy and frightening atmosphere, suspense, horror, etc.

Secret Society

Mysterious music with a gloomy atmosphere of expectation and an anxious mood. It is combined with videos dedicated to Halloween, as well as projects that require a dark, gloomy and frightening atmosphere, suspense, horror, etc.

Scheming in the Dark

Ominous ticking, brooding strings and a melancholic piano theme towards the end make up this suspenseful background track. It will work very well in documentaries, serious news items, games or films seeking an investigative and mysterious tone.

Fun Creepy Horror Halloween Logo

An funny, creepy and horrific Halloween logo. Perfect for your brand identity, digital marketing campaigns, your promotional video content and all horror, comedy, cartoon and halloween related content.

Dark Cavernous Drone

A dark and suspenseful cinematic ambient track with disturbing sound design and ethereal drones. Great fit for science fiction, abstract projetcts, horror films, ethereal atmospheres in videos and more.

Small Devil

Funny cinematic/cartoon halloween music track with jazz mood. Good for children’s holidays, cartoons, animation, contests, histrionics, costume party, funny halloween projects, halloween advertising, or any other halloween project.

Murder On All Hallows Eve

Mysterious dramatic and dark cinematic music with a vintage detective television series mood. Good for any movie, videos and other projects.

Flying Pumpkins

Funny and spooky orchestral halloween music. Perfect for funny animation, children cartoons, halloween advertising, halloween presentation, halloween party, halloween game, commercial and more Halloween projects.

Halloween Card

Orchestral Halloween intro. Perfect for spooky vibe, animation, children media, Halloween themed event, Halloween advertising, funny commercials, Halloween presentation, Halloween party, Halloween game, commercial and VideoHive Halloween projects.

Dreadful Crime

This is intense punk electronic epic and powerful cinematic trailer track great for action, crime, extreme sports, fight , film, TV, advertisement and gaming. Consists of drums and timpani beat, synth and piano theme , powerful cello and cinematic FX elements to bring more epic vibe. Include main v...


Dark and mystic hybrid electronic music with mysterious synth and dark atmospheric sounds and deep bass. This music track is perfect for trailers, video games and movies.


Slow scary track. Perfect for trailers, videogames, youtube and mach more Massive synths, amazing industrial parts, nice ambient elements, punchy groove and high-quality sound
Yann Keerim
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