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What would a horror film be without its music? Fear resembles the last wrong piece of a puzzle The most typical characteristic of horror film music is that it is dissonant, that is, it is based on intervals that do not sound stable and complete. Instead, they have a suspended sound, and in this way...

Hell Suite

Metal track with rhythmic riff, groove drums, punchy bass, and ambient stabs. Swaggy, angst vibe. Great for sports, action, auto lifestyle, and reality TV

Creepy Crypt

A spooky royalty free scary track, with agressive Electric Guitar, frightening SFX like monsters, screams, a worrying Music Box and Foghorn. Perfect for games, creepy TV shows and any fearful Halloween contents.

Status: Anxiety

“soundtrack for movies in my head” started as a personal trip inwards to subconsciously confront my own vicious weekly cycles during 2020 and the whole feeling of “end of the world” COVID brought with it. It is meant as an audio-visual album - a fictional short movie synced to music - with e...

Send Me To Hell

Dark, scary, horror trailer music with extraordinary sound design for all kind of horror themes and trailers. Boneshaking hits and horrific risers with tension strings.

Spookies [Scary Cinematic]

A spooky cinematic royalty free scary track, with frightening SFX, electric guitar, creepy Church Organ, Synths and ghostly Theremin. Perfect for games, scary TV shows, and any Halloween contents.

Corporate Music Pack

Hello. An inspiring, bright and uplifting background track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood. The track begins with a simple and memorable sequence of guitar. The incredible pulsation bass adds capacity, speed and sense of originality (hear from 0:18 seconds). Suitable for upliftin...

Summer Love

A light pleasant dance composition recorded using acoustic guitars, pianos and percussion instruments. Nice motive and positive mood of the track will make your video amazing.


Mysterious and dark music. Perfects for movies, documentaies, horrors, solving riddles scenes, investigation, asking questions and more!

Ambient Lounge Atmospheric Dream Inspire

Hello) Wide dreamy background track. The atmosphere of this track is inspiring. Instruments: Basse, Drums, Clap, Piano, Synth, Sine, FX Key - G. Tempo: 68BPM. If you want more science: please stay in my Portfolio, or let me know. I hope you enjoy this track and find it useful for your...

Upbeat Chic Fashion Funky

Hello) Rhythmic atmospheric track. The original e-piano sound allows you to immediately recognize the track. Energetic bass and drums create a unique groove. Instruments: Basse, Drums, Piano, Bells, FX, Guitar, Synth, Organ, Electric Piano. For greater flexibility I added a four loop. 01_Upbeat_C...


Modern heavy Metal with chuging guitars, FX’s and punching drums. Perfect for trailers, different titles, soundtracks, motivational, extreme and sport videos, games, movies, YouTube, commercials.
Yann Keerim
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