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Are you ready to be hypnotized? A deep, warm and very intense hip-hop/rap instrumental. This heavy, hypnotic, mysterious and a little scary track contains very strong kick, claps, synthetic brass, strings, electric guitar, awesome synths, gated pads, deep bass, beautiful bells, dreamy pads, congas a...

Hybrid Epic Trailer

Get ready for action! Hybrid Epic Trailer is a modern, futuristic, powerful and very energetic piece of music. This catchy, cinematic and electronic track perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music, presentations, commercials, soun...

Halloween Trap

Anxious, dark, crazy, creepy and very intensive and energetic hip-hop trap instrumental with a horror mood. The beat contains strong bass, gated pads, arpeggios, synths, bells, piano, harpsichord, leads and cool percussion. This scary track fit perfectly for your weird and mysterious halloween proje...

Classical Tension

Grand, triumphant classical piece with dramatic, uplifting string arrangements.

Extreme Sports Rock

"Extreme Sports Rock" is heavy,motivational.workout type music.heavy riff of distorted guitar is the main factor.profound drums and bass track supports strong groove.

The Deeper You Go

Emotional film score piece with deep orchestral string arrangements. Great for dramatic background music.

Looming Emergency

Dramatic, orchestral cinematic track with suspenseful, tense arrangements.

Horrific Encounters

Tense, creepy track with dark, orchestral arrangements. Great for dramatic horror/suspense scenes.

Ultimate Rock Machine

Powerful, energetic hard rock track with driving beat and edgy guitars. Raw, live band feel.

Within My Reach

Triumphant, epic cinematic piece with grand orchestra, percussion and low synths. Great for scene requiring music with a victorious, celebratory, success, achievement feel.

Peculiar Feelings

Mysterious, haunting track with piano and ominous synths. Unusual piece with eerie orchestration.

No Challenge Too Tough

Cinematic action/tension track with full orchestra and pounding percussion! Powerful, energetic, gradually building throughout...

Mysterious Ambience

Haunting, mysterious piece with sweeping strings and synths pads. Great as spooky background music for horror/science fiction/mystery use!

Gazing At The Horizon

Dramatic, epic cinematic theme with haunting strings and piano over military percussion. Great for adventure/drama/patriotic use!

Forever Moving Forward

Short elegant, inspiring piece with pulsating classical strings, horn and light percussion. Great for stinger/logo/ident. Uplifting, happy with a sense of victory/success/achievement!

Electronic Urgency

Exciting Pop/Electronic track with classical strings, edgy synths, piano and solid drums groove. Uplifting, powerful and groovy!

Electronic Movement

Cool, groovy ambient electronic track with edgy, modern vibe! Solid beat, chucking guitar and spacey pads, building into end section with raw, edgy synths. Great for scientific, technology, corporate use!

Dubstep Power

Edgy, powerful modern Dubstep track with killer drum groove, piano, dark synths and strings. Builds into energetic double-time section, then back to original groove. Dubstep at it's best!

Dubstep Electrio Shock

Powerful, gripping Dubstep track with piano, edgy synths and solid groove.
Yann Keerim
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