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Happy Uplifting Motivational - Whistlele

Corporate and motivational, Lovely and Inspiring music track featuring Ukulele, Acoustic Guitars, Pop drums, electric bass, Piano, Percussion and nice catchy Bell tune. In the style of corporate motivational music, uplifting/childish. Special for animals, nature and Romantic/Inspiring projects. The ...

Melodramatic Series

An instrumental inspiring pop tune with a TV show opening vibe. Perfect as soundtrack, for ads or for vlogs.

Thoughts of Yesterday

An instrumental inspiring pop tune with a TV show opening vibe. Perfect as soundtrack, for ads or for vlogs. It includes full version (2:19) and short version (1:07).

Images of Romance

A soft, very melodic, romantic piano tune, with a touch of strings, great for background music in various videos, documentaries or commercials.

Toy Stories

A joyful music box tune, creating a positive vibe, great for kids videos and various other projects.


A short romantic tune with a classical guitar arpeggio and a lyrical cello melody with Strings background. Great for background music in videos or projects where a sentimental atmosphere is needed.

Feel Cyber Of Overdrive

Energetic and modern music with industrial elements. Suitable for sports videos, advertising projects and other ideas.

Take my Hand (Romantic Piano Tune)

A soft, very melodic, romantic piano tune, great for background music in sentimental scenes, videos or commercials.


An upbeat and hard hitting Indie Rock instrumental track with strong electric guitar and bass riffs, tight drumming and a feeling of freedom and successful life. This wild Alternative Rock background tune combines an aggressive style with a powerful energy full of youth and enthusiasm. Fits well in ...


This atmospheric track with a trap beat was inspired by of the channel “National Geographic”. Listen once and you won’t be able to stop! The whole world will run before your eyes. Our whole wonderful world. Divine world. It is atmospheric, it is unimaginably beautiful. The life of animals and ...

Fun Indie Pop

Listening to this hilarious pop track will make you feel warm. You will want to dance and clap your hands. An interesting guitar tune in combination with live bass guitar and electronic drums make this track unique and memorable. It is lightweight and transparent, and can be used in both children’...


Anyone seen an alien around? This tune takes you to the day when the aliens met humans. Great for space video.

First Look (Lullaby)

A very sweet tune with a music box and pad, a lullaby, perfect for kids videos, photo mementoes or when a soft and sentimental background music is required.

Holding On To Hope (short version)

Dreamy, reflective piano piece with light atmospheric strings. This delicate tune has a simple melody and conveys a feeling of hope and melancholy, yet subtly optimistic. Perfect for emotional, peaceful background music.

Inspiring Pop Rock - Before I Come Back Home

Sensual and Emotional, Positive and Inspiring music track featuring Acoustic Guitars, Jay Bass, Pop Drums, Warm Piano and a nice catchy tune. In the style of Pop Song, Thematic music, Romantic Backing track. Special for Lovely, Emotional and inspiring projects. The beautiful melodies will evoke feel...

Children Fun Logo

Friendly uplifting logo consisting of marimba, piano, strings and percussion. Very useful in commercials or children's themed productions.


Chiptune based on classic Gameboy's sound unit and Koji Kondo's music legacy. Classic receipt of 4 channels of simple synth waves.
Yann Keerim
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