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Epic Orchestral Hip Hop

EPIC Hip Hop track for your project! Featuring some strings, brass, bass and a beat it creates a perfect workout image, battle setting, tough neighbourhood vibe - you name it! Perfect for commercial, advertisement, youtube, vlog, blog, podcast, trailer or most other projects. Enjoy!

Light Indie Acoustic Guitar

Bright and inspiring track for your commercial, advertisement, blog, vlog, youtube video or any other type of content. Featuring a classical guitar, piano, drums, bells and drums it brings a great carefree vibe to create a shy smile on any face in 2 miles radius. Enjoy!

Sneaky Upbeat Jazz

‘Sneaky Upbeat Jazz’ is an atmospheric and stylish track that features upright bass, electric piano, drums and percussion. Bass theme develops on it’s own, than the piano kicks in and than it’s suddenly nostalgic and relieving chorus. Works best with video games but will also be a great back...

Gypsy Jazz Swing

Catchy and Fresh swinging track for your project! It features acoustic manouche guitar, upright bass and drums. Perfect for commercials, ads, youtube, cafe or restaurant background and many more. Enjoy!

Funny Little Drama

A nice classical piece for your project! It features pizzicato strings, woodwinds and some orchestral percussion. A perfect background for video game, movie, youtube and many more. Enjoy!

Epic Rock Intro

Motivational and Dynamic Trailer Rock track for your project! It features electric guitar, drums, bass, and some synths. Perfect for intros, trailers, video games, youtube, sports, ads, commercials and many more. Enjoy!

Emotional Cinematic Neoclassical Piano

This one is a really touching one. It`s a bit sad, but still beautiful and inspiring. This track features piano, strings and a cymbal, which might seem simple, but just listen to the way it sounds! Perfect for commercials, ads, vlogs, blogs, trailers, movies and loads of other content. Enjoy!


Quirky and Fun little track for your project! It features an orchestra with strings, woodwinds and quite a few funny percussion inlays. Perfect for commercial, ad, youtube, video game or any other project. Enjoy!

Action Trailer Rock

Epic Rock Trailer for your project! This track features an electric guitar, drums and some spicy hybrid stuff to get it going. Perfect for trailers, promo, commercials, youtube, intros and more! Enjoy!

A Bit Of Euphoria

A retro, positive, and fantasylike chiptune track with happy dreamy vibes. Great for gaming content and kitsch programming. Key of C major

Tea Party

Image a living kettle working in a cosy kitchen preparing everything for a nice afternoon tea. Boiling water, baking cookies & muffins, getting al the tea cups and cutlery in order on the rolling tray. With the barrel organ, pizzicatos and flutes it's a happy tune that kids will love.

Action Painting

Simple happy dance tune created for kids on the rhythm of a Bossa Nova with celestas and a saxophone.
Yann Keerim
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