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Epic Cinematic Promo

A heroic, triumphant orchestral track, featuring bright strings, heavy brass, signature guitar textures, atmospheric percussion and top-notch sounddesign. Suspenseful beginning, building to a glorious climax. Styled for ads, commercials, promo, trailer, corporate, youtube and media projects about di...

Logo1, System Start-Up

Perfect for corporate and manufacturer sound logo, start-up sound for game consoles and software, magic sound effects in games, etc.

Planet Earth

An inspiring, rising panoramic piano track with awesome grand piano and cosmic delayed electric piano, ideal for landscapes, movie, cinema, figure scating, movie soundtrack, architecture presentations and videos.

Mind of Great Pianist

Modern classic piano composition perfomed and recorded by virtuoso from our team. Very deep and dramatic music with excellent stage perfomance and fantastic sound of Great piano. You can get a self pleasure just listening it in the evening with glass of wine! Elite choice for cinema, theatre, drama,...

Night Rain

An inspiring, relaxing royalty free cinematic piano music with airy bells, strings and cool drums, ideal for documentaries, nature or timelapse videos.

Painted Dreams

A calm, romantic and relaxing ambient music with cinematic piano, ethnic drums, percussion, dream harp, solo flute, ambient pad, cinematic orient strings, plucked synth and fx. This high quality background is ideal for cinematic events, meditation and nature videos, backgrounds, japanese anime m...

Global Awakening

An inspiring, cinematic epic track with sound of symphonic orchestra, big drums, cymbals, sub drops, synth plucks, cinematic piano and choir. Ideal for movie trailers, teasers, soundtracks, epic intros, video games, advertising, youtube videos, cartoons etc.

Messages of Love

A calm, lyrical, relaxing ambient new age jazz music with extraordinary piano perfomance, synth pad, pluck, drums and some percussion. Ideal for orient movies, cartoons, anime, doramas, nature videos, landscapes, timelapses, love stories, tv series, love videos etc.

Inspiring Cinematic Piano Background

Inspiring Cinematic Piano Background" is an uplifting emotional inspiring music track, designed to work along with corporate or wedding videos, explainers, product presentations, movies, trailers, drone and nature videos. It features an emotional piano and orchetral strings like violin, cello and b...

Mystery of Gravitation

A dark and magic royalty free ambient music witn bells, piano, synths, pads, flute, dums and transition effects, best chioce for cinema, cartoons, trailers, teasers, promos, night videos, video games and youtube content

Morning in Heaven

A beautiful, ethereal and hopeful background piano track with cinematic strings, female choir, percussion, electric guitar, pad, synth an fx. Music full of hope, beauty, love and peace. Ideal for love and inspiring videos, Youtube p...

A New World

A marvelous, full of beauty and inspiration music with real orchestra in soundtrack style with lots of melodies. This high quality track with awesome sound creates unique atmosphere and magic mood. Best choice for cinema, cartoons, movies, animations, video games, trailers, teasers, promos etc.

Black Heart

A royalty free cinematic track with deep piano sound and lively cello solo. Cinematic music with great sound and dramatic mood. Best choice for cinema trailers, movies, teasers, figure scating, theatre, cartoons, tv shows, youtube videos etc.

Snowflake's Journey

Magic and joyful christmas music with sparks of happiness and love! Enjoy your holidays with awesome music! Perfect for movies, cartoons, anime videos, figure scating, theatre, ballet, youtube projects, advertising, presentations or just for easy listening.

Spring Flows

An inspiring, romantic cinematic piano track with beautiful grand piano and bright pad, great background for youtube videos, landscapes, discovery videos, adverts, presentations, nature videos, slideshows etc.

One Step From Abyss

A powerful,motivational orchestral royalty free cinematictheme with deep piano, big strings, edgy synths and epic percussion, best for trailers, battle scenes or sports clips

Paradigm Shift

A futuristic electronic track with various synthesizers, deep piano, atmospheric fx, modern beat, electric guitars and percussion, ideal for documentaries, presentations, space, landscapes, timelapse, tutorial projects, technology and science videos. Conveys a sense of something big and mysterious.

Wonderful World

A remarkable, rising cinematic track with huge inspiration and great sound! Feel the beauty of whole world enjoying this touching and powerful music! Instruments including: cinematic strings and brass, touching piano, solo cello, solo violin, epic drums, bells, deep, pad, plucked synths, wind fx and...
Yann Keerim
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