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Driving Motion

An inspiring corporate-styled track that includes cinematic percussion, rock guitar, and synth pads, strings to create a powerful soundscape. Perfect for any type of business media, advertising campaigns, social media content, and more.

Follow Your Heart

A warm and uplifting royalty-free corporate track featuring a hopeful mood, with electric guitars violin, percussion, claps, pads, keys, and bass. Great for healthcare ads, promos, time lapses, aerials, and business-related content.

Lights And Motions

A futuristic, abstract royalty-free corporate track with airy pads, synth arps, plucks warm bass, glitchy beats, and vocals chops, best for innovative vlogs, tech, or science content.

Mystery Case

A jazzy piano, pads and brass track creating a mysterious but at the same time playful and slightly comic atmosphere. Great for youtube videos, detective movies, documentaries, animations and more.

What A Wonderful Ride

This is a royalty-free orchestral ballad featuring a gentle piano melody with lush strings. The mood is calm and nostalgic. Perfect for home movies, presentations, and a lot more.

Take Me To The Country Fair

This is a royalty-free country music track featuring harmonica and fiddle along with bass, brushed drums and acoustic guitar. The mood is joyous and lively. Perfect for advertisement, films, TV/Radio shows, and a lot more.

Voice of my Heart

A soft and romantic piano melody with a touch of ethereal pads and celeste. Great for background music in films, videos, emotional scenes and various sentimental content.

Mountain Conqueror

An inspiring, action epic track with lots of energy and motivation! Includes cinematic strings and brass, epic drums, synths, pads and transition effects. This driving music is a great choice for sport and motivational videos, teasers, trailers, tv shows, presetations, youtube videos etc.

Total Domination

An inspiring, powerful cinematic peace with epic drums, cinematic strings and brass, stacatto strings, deep piano, synth bass, atmosphere pad, sub drops and risers. Best choice for cinema trailers, teasers, action scenes, battle scenes, movie soundtracks, youtube videos, documentaries etc.
Yann Keerim
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