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Eraser is a dynamic, energetic, powerful and brutal track. When creating a track heavy sounds of electric guitars and bass, live sounds of a powerful drum kit, electronic sounds, as well as cinematic sounds of trailer music were used.


Aggressive and powerful metal track with brutal guitars, overdrive bass, scratches and big smashing drums, ideal for sport clips, extreme cars, action games or trailers.

Status: Anxiety

“soundtrack for movies in my head” started as a personal trip inwards to subconsciously confront my own vicious weekly cycles during 2020 and the whole feeling of “end of the world” COVID brought with it. It is meant as an audio-visual album - a fictional short movie synced to music - with e...

I Am A Brutal Little Boy

Bouncy and brooding. Recalling the early work of post-punk pioneers like The Cure, The Smiths, Kate Bush, Magazine, Joy Division and others. Walking, jagged bass, angular guitar stabs, cryptic vocals. From the band, Feeding Fingers.

Fight for Life

High-power and very agressive metal track. Good for sports, action,extreme, racing and other videos that demand high energy, power, attitude or aggression.

Black Planet

Powerful, brutal, and groovy metal track with low-tuned riffs and puchy drums

Your Bike

Old-fashioned stoner with hard-fuzz guitar, bass and drums and there nothing superfluous. Just drive, power and raw energy

Twisted Metal Racing

This metal style track is well suited to a dynamic action video about speed, extreme etc. Aggressive atmosphere, powerful drums and FX's is all you need

Planet Elimination

Aggressive and powerful metal with brutal guitars and smashing drums for your projects such as: sport clips, extreme video, gaming content, fighting, action related videos, movies or trailers.

Air Combat

The powerful energetic metal with aggressive vibes for fighting projects, angry movies, or brutal action videos.

Spy Mission

An energetic and tense rock track with overdrive guitars, epic guitar solo, beefy bass guitar, and hard-hitting drums. It is ideal for action-packed blockbuster scenes with a feel similar to a James Bond or Mission Impossible main theme. Its vigour, punch and power also makes it a perfect background...

Power Rock Riff - Loop Version

This one is a punchy brutal royalty free background soundtrack, with powerful guitars. Perfect for action movies, trailers, drive, youtube, extreme, sport videos and more. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Shake the world

Track mixed rock styles and accessories orchestral parts, which gives a powerful sound and creates an atmosphere of tension since the spy thriller.
Yann Keerim
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