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Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll – this is indie rock music that will make you move. Dirty Overdrive and fuzz guitars make this track powerful. Great for any dynamic video, trailer, sport and extreme sports video, car and moto videos and more.

Unconnected Oneness

Perfect track for action video and sport commercials, extreme TV show and much more.

Extreme Power Rock

Extreme Power Rock is an energetic, aggressive, powerful and heavy royalty free metal track, using distortion of electro guitars, hard bass, driving drums and risers, woosh and transition effects to elevate and inspire! It's great for action, web games, computer games, extreme videos, sport dynamic ...

Elevating Higher

This one is uplifting and inspiring music with atmospheric sound and hopeful mood. Nice background for adventure videos, happy lifestyle videos, motivational speeches, friends and family videos, promos, encouraging travel videos, nature videos, and more.

Sad Reflective Electric Guitar

Peaceful, soft and ambient electric guitar, with a dreamy and melancholic mood. This track will be good as background music for documentaries, film and videos with a sad atmosphere! 2 variations available: - Main version: 2:06 - Alternative version: 1:32

Be Carefree [Laid Back Podcast Intro Soft Rock Alternative]

Cool indie carefree music. Upbeat, uplifting, driving and easy listening track featuring rhythm and muted guitars, catchy melody and whistling. Evokes happiness, confidence, joy, wellness and motivation. perfect for promotional videos, carefree videos, cooking videos, home videos, advertisements,...

A Brand New Day

Funky alternative pop/dance track featuring catchy instrumental and vocal hooks.


Elegant and melodic piano opening followed by delicate fingerpicked acoustic guitar. Builds with pads and male vocals, creating a sense of warmth and beauty. Perfect background music for adverts, commercials, TV, YouTube videos, short films, movies, documentaries and more. Available versions (as p...
Yann Keerim
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