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Signal To Begin

This is an uplifting, hopeful, inspiring, motivating, and positive pop track. Ideal for corporate videos, advertisements, commercials, and promotional videos. The featured instruments are the acoustic piano, and synthesizer.

Chill Coffee

Meditation Lounge, Chill Hip Hop, Dreamy Music Indulge in a moment of tranquility with this captivating chillhop masterpiece. The subtle, minimalistic beats and atmospheric melodies seamlessly blend to create an immersive experience that exudes relaxation and calmness. Ideal for commercials, corpor...

Atmospheric Strings

Powerful cinematic inspiring orchestral epic soundtrack. Perfect for trailer, intro, wedding and nature videos, opener, teaser, promo, film, event, slideshow, movie, documentary, sport video. Instruments: piano, cello, violins, strings, horns, brass, drums.

Drive Me Out

Powerful, groovy rock tracks with catchy guitar riff, claps, bass, drops, and big drums, best for sports clips, games, extreme videos, or promos

Rise to Shine

Dirty hard action rock. Perfect for commercials, trailers, driving presentations etc…

Brave New World

Exciting, hopeful cinematic music. Suitable for nature, historical background, dramatic movies, social media, tragical moments..

Heroic Epos

Atmospheric, dramatic cinematic music tracks with strings, brass section, epic drums and emotional melodies, best for action trailers, movies or openers

Final Frontiers

Exciting, hopeful cinematic music. Suitable for nature, historical background, dramatic movies, social media, tragical moments..

Logo Intro Jazz

A jazz intro with swing, with an upbeat, positive mood for your intro video projects. Band brass, bass, drums. Let’s create together!


"Time" is a romantic, dreamy and sentual composition with piano, strings and drums suitable for romantic videos about love and life, beauty of the world, nature / sea visuals, movies, intros or documentaries. Available in Full, Loop, Logo, 60, and 25 sec edits.


Action driving fashion rock. Perfect for: sport presentations, promos, gym, equipment, fitness advertising, extreme videos, epic game trailers and more

Win Or Lose

Inspirational, powerful and sad epic cinematic soundtracks. Suitable for any media, game and movie projects

New Roads

Exciting and inspiring orchestral music will be perfect for cinematic background, epic trailers, game teasers, promos, and many more

Cinematic (A Hero Rises)

This is very light, sentimental and soft music track with slow thoughtful and airy mood. Delightful piano harmony with orchestral instruments creates gentle, inspiring and love music background. Enveloping and carefree atmosphere allows think and dream about the most romantic and pure moments.

Heroes Of The Storm

Powerful epic cinematic orchestra background for media and tv projects


Ideal for action films, cinematic trailers, movie teasers, intros, openers, documentaries, tv shows or video games


Perfect for your trailers, inspiring movies, motivational advertising and more
Yann Keerim
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