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Quirky Pizzicato

It's a quirky, evocative track with violin, viola, cello, double bass, and bells as featured instrument. Perfect for commercials, TV shows, movie trailers and any project which requires high quality playful background.

Little Wallflower [PACK]

Fun and Quirky Orchestral Comedy track for your project! it features strings, woodwinds and oercussion. Perfect for commercial, advertisement, youtube, kids videos, video games and cooking. Enjoy!

Beautiful Story

A sweet and lighthearted piano solo that is suitable as background music in film, television, wedding video, youtube, etc.


A soft and sentimental piano melody, creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Ideal for background music for presentations, drama, emotional movie scenes, documentaries, wedding videos or TV series.

Pieces of a Heart

A soft and romantic piano and pads track, creating a nostalgic and emotional atmosphere. Great for background music in videos, love scenes, presentations and other sentimental productions.

Never Too Late

An emotional piano, flute and orchestra track, creating a soft and nostalgic atmosphere. Ideal for romantic scenes, love stories, or other intimate contents.

Dance Like A Princess

A sweet-sounding children’s style waltz with a sweeping strings melody and playful accompaniment with harp, celesta and bassoon phrases. Suggests a cartoon dance in elegant surroundings such as lake or fantasy landscape. Suitable for games, advertising and children’s presentations.

The beauty - Emotional strings (Epic, Cinematic, orchestra, motivational)

Exciting music with strings and orchestra for an epic scene or for an exciting tale. Perfect also for a historical documentary, for videos of artistic cities in Italy such as Florence, Rome or Venice, for spectacular landscapes or for the sale of a valuable product such as wine.

Chopin Minute Waltz in D-flat Major, Op. 64, No. 1

The classic eclectic and fast-paced piano waltz by Frederic Chopin. Positive concert grand piano in a small hall. Waxing and waning tempos and dynamics.

Schumann - Kinderszenen Op. 15 - n. 1

Simple and tender like a lullaby. Classical piano masterpiece by Schumann (1810-1856).

Satie - Gymnopedie n. 2

Tender and emotional relax. Classical piano masterpiece by Erik Satie (1866-1925).
Yann Keerim
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