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Welcome! I am dedicated to provide you with high quality and original music to use in your productions. My name is Clemens Wijers. I compose and produce music for a variety of media productions. I also orchestrate and compose songs for other artists and am the main composer and keyboard player in Horror Metal band “Carach Angren”. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail via the form on the right side of this page. Thank you for checking out my music!

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Relaxing Serene Background Atmosphere

A very calm and peaceful background track that will lend itself beautifully for meditation purposes, nature oriented productions or any other media production seeking a serene musical companion.

Regal Christmas Ident

Uplifting regal Christmas audio logo consisting of violin and other orchestral instruments. A typical Holiday atmosphere to implement in your media production.

Scheming in the Dark

Ominous ticking, brooding strings and a melancholic piano theme towards the end make up this suspenseful background track. It will work very well in documentaries, serious news items, games or films seeking an investigative and mysterious tone.

Daunting Trailer Intro

Epic foreboding cinematic intro. Works perfectly in relation to suspense, horror or any other production seeking an ominous dark impacting theme.

Catchy Funky Commercial Ident

Very friendly and energetic simple audio ident to use in your commercial or other production. Instrumentation consists of Latin percussion, marimba and contrabass.

A Darker Tension Bed

This is a dark ominous tension bed consisting of different elements like piano, synth, bass, guitars and strings to raise suspense. The addition of real recorded instruments give this piece a creepy edge. Will work very well in your game, documentary, film or other media seeking a suspenseful musica...

Tension Bed 1

Epic tension track consisting of percussion, strings and other elements to create an intense brooding feeling. Perfect to use in your game, game show, app or other media production that needs suspense music.

1890 Old Silent Film Theme Loop (Piano Only)

This is a short film theme inspired on the silent film era. A quirky piano theme to use in your commercial or other production, in need of this particular authentic sound. I also have a version availble with orchestral arrangements.

A Dark Suspenseful Revelation Background

Brooding strings, big suspenseful rhythmic elements and an ominous piano theme paint a dark atmosphere that will work very in the background of your film, documentary or other production.

Reflections and Considerations

Calm and reflective background track enhancing an interesting and curious atmosphere. Will work really well as a cue in documentaries, corporate videos, podcasts, or other media seeking a friendly rich tone.

An Ominous Investigation Background

Dark and suspenseful background track consisting of piano, strings, synthesizers and ominous rhythmic sounds. Perfect to use in investigative documentaries, crime series, movie trailers or any other production seeking a suspenseful musical background.

Halloween Is Weirdly Fun

Quirky and fun Halloween theme to use in your commercial or other production. The combination of harpsichord, xylophone, finger snaps and other strange sounds make up this typical wacky theme that can draw people’s attention.

Coming Together

Emotional piano theme accompanied by strings and real background vocals. Perfect to use in commercials, films or other productions.

Funky Latin Groove

Uplifting energetic Latin track consisting of marimba, piano, upright bass and lots of cool percussion. Perfect to use in your commercial, corporate video or other production.

Coffee Time

Relaxed easy and warm sounding audio ident. Perfect to use in commercials or video productions in need of a cosy tone. Featuring piano, guitar, strings and finger snaps.

Ethnic Historical Ident

Ethnic sounding audio logo featuring cello, duduk and bansuri. Perfect to use in documentaries or other production that need a sting with a historical sounding twist.

Resolving Piano Ident

Calm and friendly piano ident giving a sense of resolution and peace. Perfect to use as an intro or cue in your commercial or other production.

Warm Background Meditation

Warm sounding meditation track. Perfect to use in podcasts, youtube videos or other productions in need of calm meditation music.

Waltzy Piano Ident

Playful loosely performed piano tune that serves perfectly well as an audio logo or ident for your commercial or other production.

Epic Industrial Distorted Ident

This short aggressive intro sets a dark and ominous mood. It consists of guitars and epic drum sounds. Perfect to use in your game, commercial or trailer that needs a powerful statement.
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