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Podcast Background

Friendly sounding background track featuring marimba, strings and piano. The theme breathes curiosity and interest and will work will in the combination with voice-overs.


Haunting orchestral horror track, composed and produced in an authentic way.

I Am Nervous

Suspenseful background track with cinematic qualities. Different colors are presented through a varied arrangement of instrument groups.As the piece evolves a hint of sadness is introduced.

Friendly Warm Background Cue

Warm and friendly sounding theme consisting of piano, guitar, marimba, strings and other elements. Will work perfectly as the theme for a podcast, documentary or any other production.

Dark Forgotten Memories

Dark obscure sounding background track featuring ominous synthesizers, effects, strings and a haunting piano melody.

Monsters Menacing Drone

Dark ominous soundscape featuring heavy stomps, eerie strings and other effects.

Cinematic Investigation

Cinematic tense background track featuring piano,strings and other suspenseful elements.

Suspenseful Times

Suspenseful background track featuring nervous strings, ominous piano and other tense elements.

Succesful Journey

Inspirational electronic theme consisting of synthesizers, piano, beats and more. Perfect to complement your corporate video, commercial or other media production. The theme brings a lot of energy, excitement and richness.

Podcast Research Intro

Introduction theme consisting of marimba, piano, strings and other atmospheric elements.

Neo Classical Tension Cue

Realistic suspenseful background track consisting of cello, violin, viola, piano and contrabass.

Worry And Overthinking

Calm and slightly tense background track featuring piano, marimba and strings.

Bright Funky Ident

Easy bright audio logo consisting of marimba, celeste, bass and percussive elements.

Sad Moody Background

Sad background track featuring a memorable piano melody, carried forward by a suspenseful string arrangement. Will work very well in the background of any media.

Tense and Cinematically Ominous

Suspenseful ominous background track featuring piano, a haunted boys choir and various rhythmic elements as well as strings and synthesizer. Will work really well in games, films or any other production seeking a dark and tense musical accompaniment.

Melancholy Investigation

Melancholic ominous background track featuring a dreamy piano sound as well as strings and synthesizers.

Suspenseful Game Background

Ominous suspenseful background track featuring tense cello arrangements, haunting synthesizers and ticking. Will work very well in games, films or any other media seeking a thrilling musical bed. The track ends in such a way that it sounds invites you to repeat it from the beginning. The following ...
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