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Welcome! I am dedicated to provide you with high quality and original music to use in your productions. My name is Clemens Wijers. I compose and produce music for a variety of media productions. I also orchestrate and compose songs for other artists and am the main composer and keyboard player in Horror Metal band “Carach Angren”. Thank you.

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Intense Suspense

Suspenseful dark background track presenting an intense sense of urgency. Will work great in media seeking tension and suspense.

Truly Inspirational

Inspiring uplifting cinematic track featuring piano, solo violins, strings and orchestral elements. The track slowly builds to a grand climax.

Neutral Bed

Friendly calm background track consisting of marimba, piano, celeste and rhythmic elements.

Docu Television Theme

Calm introduction theme featuring piano, marimba, celeste, strings and more. Will work in media productions that need sophisticated background music.

Tense And Dense

Suspenseful atmospheric background track featuring ominous strings, guitar, piano and synthesizer. Will work well in the background of documentaries, commercials or any other media. The instrumentation and production are made so that it blends easily with other elements like narration.

Suspenseful Thoughts

Suspenseful background track featuring celeste, piano and strings. The track is driven forward by tense rhythmic elements and will work well supporting a variety of media seeking ominous, worrying sounding musical support.

Passionate Background

Gentle background track surrounding a violin theme. Accompanied by marimba, piano and some percussive sounds this piece fits well in the background of an infomercial, commercial, documentary or any other media seeking a friendly musical companion.

Finding Things Out

Calm background track featuring calm sounds and melodies. Will work wel in documentaries, film or any other media.

Lively Logo

Fresh sounding audiologo consisting of violin, celeste and atmospheric sounds.

The Grand Revelation

Epic cinematic track that starts with an emotional piano theme and gradually builds to a big orchestral climax. Regal sounding choir parts take a central place in the piece. The following versions are included: 1. The Grand Revelation – Main Version 2. The Grand Revelation – Instrumental Ver...

Facing Challenges

Suspenseful background track featuring piano, strings and light percussion. Towards the middle a choir is introduced to enhance the tension some before ending with a subtle piano motif.

A Dog's Christmas

Warm funny orchestral Christmas holiday track featuring Dogs "Botón" & "Frodo" barking and howling along.

A Peaceful Holiday

Gentle and peaceful warm Christmas holiday track featuring orchestral elements. The piece has a welcoming trill in the beginning as well as a friendly calm ending.

Happiness Logo

Happy uplifting audio ident consisting of whistling, marimba, ukulele and more.

The Tension Is Real

Suspenseful background track featuring gamelan, piano, celeste and more. The theme slowly builds and grows more intense introducing strings and percussive elements.

Nice Day Logo

Friendly audiologo featuring marimba, piano and bells. Perfect to use as an intro, jingle or theme in your commercial, game, app or other production.

Abstract Sad Background

Calm and sad background track featuring piano, marimba, celeste and more. This piece has been produced to work supporting narration and other elements within a media production.

Curious Interview Background

Gentle short track that will work very really in the background of interviews, podcasts, documentaries or any other media production.
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