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Welcome! I am dedicated to provide you with high quality and original music to use in your productions. My name is Clemens Wijers. I compose and produce music for a variety of media productions. I also orchestrate and compose songs for other artists and am the main composer and keyboard player in Horror Metal band “Carach Angren”. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail via the form on the right side of this page. Thank you for checking out my music!

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An Elegant Logo

A simple yet effective logo consisting of solo violin, strings and more.

Deliberation Continues

Engaging background theme consisting of marimba, piano and strings. The track evokes a sense of curiosity and reflection.

Tick Tack Doom

An ominous brooding track consisting of ticking elements, dark analog synthesizer sounds evoking a sense of pending doom. There is also a version without the ticking included to cater to your wishes and specific needs.

Industrial Horror Station

An ominous soundscape consisting of horror sounds, menacing synthesizer bass sounds and creepy atmospheric noises.


An emotional climactic and heroic track featuring orchestra, percussion and piano.

Piano Airy Ident

Friendly peaceful piano logo enhanced by a lush harp and airy synthesizer sounds.

Creeping Slowly

An ominous suspenseful background track consisting of a haunting piano melody, drenched in analog synth sounds and other tense elements.

Dark And Creeping Background

Dark ominous background track consisting of piano and analog synthesizer sounds. The slow pace evokes a sense of unease and restlessness.

Thoughtful Deliberation Background

A calm reflective background track featuring a gentle and engaging piano theme. Additional tense elements give the piece a sense of thoughtfulness.

Pondering Background Theme

A reflective piano theme elegantly moved forward by synthesizers and rhythmic elements.

Speed And Tension

Tense and energetic background track evoking a sense of urgency. Brooding analog synthesizers, solo violin, strings and percussion each and all contribute to the organic quality of this suspenseful cue.

Gritty Forlorn Soundscape

Dark and ominous Soundscape featuring a haunting piano melody draped in brooding analog synthesizers.

Doomed Soundscape

Dark and ominous soundscape consisting of brooding analog synthesizers and lost piano motif. The track evokes a sense of darkness and suspense.

Full of Sorrow

Heartfelt emotional and suspenseful track consisting of piano, strings and rhythmic elements.

The Darkest Hour Suspenseful Soundscape

Very tense soundscape evoking a bleak terrifying atmosphere. The track consists mostly of real analog synthesizers that collectively contribute to the organic quality of this track.

Positive Curious Investigation

Marimba, snaps, piano and other rhythmic elements paint a curious investigative atmosphere. Perfect to use as background music in your commercial, corporate video, documentary or any other production.


An assertive sounding string ensemble is driven forward by rhythmic elements, mellow synths and piano. A curious short theme to complement your production.

Deeply Concerned

Suspenseful background track evoking a sense of worry and concern. The piece consists of multiple real recorded elements that give the whole an organic quality.
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