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Sunny Rain

Featuring wonderful cellos, atmospheric violins, beautiful piano melody, tight contrabasses, bright trumpets and brass, cinematic drums and percussions


Perfect for advertising, commercial, corporate, marketing, presentation, business, success, inspiration, motivation, and more


Emotional piano and world female voice, travel, wide open spaces, nature, forest.

Barbarian War

Epic music for trailer with brass, big percussion, choirs and synphonic orchestra. Powerful heroic soundtrack for your movies, videos, wargame, YouTube channel game, teaser, opening.

Aeckland Castle

Great orchestration of epic adventure for video games, historical and fantasy films.


strings, orchestral, piano, pizzicato. good music for comedy and advertising.

Huangshan Mountain

The beauty of the huangshan mountain whose peaks pierce the sea of clouds. Chinese orchestral music.


Haunting orchestral horror track, composed and produced in an authentic way.

Romantic Waltz

A sentimental classical waltz performed by a string quartet. It is excellent background music suitable for advertisements, commercials, movies, video games, documentaries, and more.

Golden October

Perfect for dramatic movies, films, social media and more

Never Lose Hope

Perfect for: commercials, trailers, beautiful and emotional videos, historical films, teasers, intro, games, presentations, titles, titres, time-lapse and landscapes

Wedding Day

Warm mood romantic piano sound for dramatic and tender backgrounds

Chuckles And Giggles

Happy and Quirky track featuring orchestral Instruments perfect for advertising

End Of The World

Epic powerful inspiring music for historical projects, cinematic project, presentation, video game, promo and more!

War For Life

Powerful and motivating cinematic trailer music. Perfect for epic trailers, games and movies, cosmic videos, teasers, intros, presentations, thriller and promos

Gentle Soul

Bright and inspiring, piano based music background for commercials, radio and tv projects, animations etc…


An orchestral track with a dark and ominous low strings and brass first part, leading to a mysterious and emotional second part. Great for background music in films, videos and other productions needing a suspenseful and sentimental atmosphere.


A hybrid track with a dark and airy synth opening and a second atmospheric strings part leading to an emotional climax. Great for films, videos, documentaries and other content needing a touch of mystery.

Behind the Mask

A dark piano and synth track, creating an anxious and mysterious atmosphere, rising to a dramatic climax. Great for tension scenes, trailers, videos and any project requiring an atmospheric and intense music.
Yann Keerim
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