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New Roads

Exciting and inspiring orchestral music will be perfect for cinematic background, epic trailers, game teasers, promos, and many more

Heroes Of The Storm

Powerful epic cinematic orchestra background for media and tv projects

Ice Winds

Epic orchestral soundtrack will be ideal for your epic trailer, game video, cinematic background, intros, presentations and many more!

Ring Of Fire

Powerful commercial energetic orchestral music for action, adventure videos, epic moments, landscapes, nature, drone video, and any more

Rays Of The Dawn

Heroic, epic, powerful and inspiring music track with orchestral drums, driving strings and inspiring cellos, violins and choirs for your cinematic projects

Space Travels

Wondrous orchestral Sci-Fi theme, an epic film score music unfolding a fantastical outer space journey getting more and more agitated. Amazing harmonic progressions help to create a fantastic and mysterious atmosphere, with passionate strings, majestic brass, evocative opera choirs and pressing perc...

Hard Victory

Suitable for fantasy films, epic trailers, applications, advertising, triumphant, patriotic movies, epic theatre, novels, plays, television series and video games.

A Touch Of Hope

Powerful epic inspiring music for cinematic and tv projects

Behind the Universe

Atmospheric documentary background for tv about history, drama stories, heroic war scenes etc...

Fairy Tale

Perfect for any childish content, soundtracks, family video, film scenes, stories, advertising, instagram, cartoons, christmas & new year content, movie, memories and more

Long Way

Dramatic emotional orchestra track. Perfect for: cinematic background, nature videos, fantasy, inspirational projects, presentations and intros…

Never Look Back (Dark Dramatic Trailer)

An atmospheric, tension building cinematic trailer with lots of powerful sound design including the shepard tone effect. It features synths, orchestral elements, percussion, ticking and ambient FX. Works great with fantasy themed action and battle scenes, halloween content, movies, trailers and game...

A Bad Spell (Creepy Halloween)

A magical sounding, fantasy themed orchestral underscore that is full of evil sorcery. It features bells, strings, brass and woodwind sections, orchestral percussion and theremin. Works with fantasy themed movies, trailers, games and animation. Also great with Halloween content. 3 edits available.

Flow Of Time

Perfect for fantasy movie soundtrack, curious documentary, fantasy advertisement, promo, commercial or project needing a magic

Dark Goddess

A very atmospheric orchestral theme with a hint of mystery and intrigue. It features a strong, doomy French Horn melody with rotating flute phrases, gives this piece a feel of a classic cinematic theme introducing a powerful character held in great esteem. This is a dark, fantasy style atmospheri...
Yann Keerim
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