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Toy Soldier

A soft music box tune, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Great for background music in children projects, commercials, emotional videos, movies, audio books or animations.

Asian Cinematic

Dramatic sad asian style music with native instruments. Perfect choice for filming, fantasy asian video, Spring or Autumn festival and anothers

Dawn of Heroes

Very exciting and panoramic epic cinematic track. This music creates a real atmoshpere of epic movie! Best choice for any commercial multimedia projects, youtube videos, trailers, teasers, Gopro projects and especially for cinema.

Night Rain

An inspiring, relaxing royalty free cinematic piano music with airy bells, strings and cool drums, ideal for documentaries, nature or timelapse videos.

The Avengers

An epic, hybrid royalty-free cinematic theme, with a soft piano, synths, brass, strings, fx, and strong drums, best for trailers, games, or dark fantasy footage.

Sky Legion

An inspiring, rising and powerful cinematic trailer perfomed by awesome hybrid orchestra, piano, epic drums and choir! Ideal for cinema trailers, presentations, advertising, video games, youtube and discovery videos. Thank you for purchase!

Heart of Motherland

An inspiring, heroic and triumphal peace with solemn strings, brass and heroic drums, this high level of sound and quality orchestra music is ideal for movie soundtracks, teasers, trailers, adverts, ceremony awards, political videos and documentaries

Spring Flows

An inspiring, romantic cinematic piano track with beautiful grand piano and bright pad, great background for youtube videos, landscapes, discovery videos, adverts, presentations, nature videos, slideshows etc.

Wonderful World

A remarkable, rising cinematic track with huge inspiration and great sound! Feel the beauty of whole world enjoying this touching and powerful music! Instruments including: cinematic strings and brass, touching piano, solo cello, solo violin, epic drums, bells, deep, pad, plucked synths, wind fx and...

Storm Of Adventure

An inspiring, powerful and uplifting cinematic piece with awesome orchestra sound, epic drums, cinematic choirs, some synths and fx. You will be fantastically satisfied by this music! Ideal choice for movie trailers, cinematic openers, teasers, movie soundtracks, film scores, Youtube videos, battl...

Eyes Closing

An atmospheric, inspiring and uplifting cinematic piece with ethereal synths, dark piano, cinematic strings, steel drums, solo cello, solo violin, bells, duduk, choir, pads and sound effects. Ideal for movie soundtracks, teasers, intros, TV series, doramas, emotional and nature videos, fantasy, anim...

Earth Song

A very beautiful, fascinating, atmospheric and relaxing ambient track filled with wonderful elven female voices, charming duduk, relaxing soundscapes, deep piano, ethereal pads, relaxing drums and percussion. Perfect for documentaries, inspiring timelapse videos, landscapes, underwater world vi...


An ambient, fantasy cinematic track with deep piano, fantasy celesta, ciniematic strings and brass, flute, ethnic percussion, epic drums, some pads and fx. This awesome music has 2 different moods - calm and epic. Perfect for all kinds of projects from fantasy films and movies, audiobook soundtra...

Mysterious Cinematic Underscore

A suspenseful, spooky orchestral track, featuring atmospheric arco strings, elegant pizzicato strings, celesta, acoustic guitar and harp. Many edit points. Perfect for eerie ads, commercials, promo, trailer, youtube, corporate, tv or any kind of scary scene. Creepy background, halloween, trick or tr...

Cinematic Mystery Underscore

A light, mysterious orchestral track, featuring celesta, expressive bassoon and flute, harp, lush strings, cymbal and timpani. Many edit points. Perfect for spooky ads, commercials, promo, trailer, youtube, corporate, or any kind of creepy scene. Scary background, halloween, trick or treat, pumpkin,...

Red Sky

Epic Hybrid Trailer music that perfectly fits for YouTube videos, films, TV, presentations, background music, photo slideshows, websites, commercials, advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, successful and business videos, games, visuals, and more!

Tense and Cinematically Ominous

Suspenseful ominous background track featuring piano, a haunted boys choir and various rhythmic elements as well as strings and synthesizer. Will work really well in games, films or any other production seeking a dark and tense musical accompaniment.

Scottish Bagpipes

A hopeful, inspiring and atmospheric traditional music track with droning bagpipes. Perfect for Scotland-related videos, documentaries, fantasy films, deep heroic scenes, or highlands scenery.

Cinematic Folk Tale

Folk track featuring a thumb piano, lute, cellos and more. The track gradually moves into a grand cinematic climax towards the end. The music is set to no particular tempo to give an organic and natural feel.
Yann Keerim
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