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Midnight Synthwave

A cool and vibrant synthwave track with analog synths, warm pads, deep bass line, 80's drum machine and other stylish synthpop elements. Perfect as background synthwave music for retro videos, night life, holiday scenes, commercials, games, youtube, travel videos or for anything connected to the 80...

Positive Inspiration

'Positive Inspiration' is a catchy, uplifting, motivating and inspirational background, featuring piano, electric guitars, synth pads, drums, snaps & claps and strings. It works great for corporate videos, commercials, company presentations, slideshows, explainers, films, movies and all kind of vid...


A cool and sexy background track consisting of rich synthetic elements, driven by an energetic and massive bass-line. Perfect to use in commercials, corporate videos or any other production seeking a rich and glamorous tone.

Lonely Traveller

Serious sounding technology corporate electronic background track. Bright arpeggiated synth melodies coupled with a nice drum and bass edm beat. Track is experimental and powerful, but should work well for timelapse videos, action videos, documentaries and other business related projects.

Kings And Thieves

Epic cinematic powerful percussive trailer music with string ostinatos, brass melody, synth pulses, drums and percussion. This track is perfect for Film, TV, Advertising and Games, setting a dramatic, powerful and epic atmosphere.

Cool Funky Showcase

An energetic and funky track with electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums that's ideal for digital media content like item/unit showcases, area tours, and demo/unboxing videos. Five versions are available: Full version (2:14) 60-second version (0:59) 30-second version (0:27) 15-second version (0:1...

Colorful Skies

A fast-paced positive and uplifting rock track that's ideal for a wide variety of projects ranging from casual videos like friendships and trivia to more professional outputs like advertisements. Four versions are available: Full version (1:11) 30-second version (0:29) 15-second version (0:13) S...

Olympic Sports Highlights

An energetic, hopeful Hip-Hop / Trailer style track. This tune is driven by heavy hitting drums, impacts, sweeping transitions, a catchy piano melody in the verse, action style strings in the chorus. This powerful and energetic track is perfect for your media project, advertising, lifestyle and spo...

Bright hopes

A light composition with guitars and percussions, which creates a hopeful atmosphere and an optimistic mood. The composition is combined with optimistic, encouraging, educational, social videos, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.

Illuminated Night In Kyoto (Japanese Koto Progressive House)

It is a progressive house using a Japanese harp (Koto). It is a beautiful, emotional, dreamy, uplifting, driving, inspirational, motivational, bright, and positive track. Perfect for picture of a cherry tree lighted up, illuminations, Japanese fireworks shows, video introducing Japan, and other prom...

Great Day At Work (Inspiring Motivational) - 15 Versions

Bright and light music track with beautiful piano, guitars, strings and introspective mood will evoke feelings of happiness, success and joy. It will work well with corporate videos, business projects, presentations, and commercials.

Corporate (The Greatest Reward)

This is an inspiring and uplifting track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood. Featured instruments include piano, electric guitars, synths and pads, electric bass, drums and percussion. Suitable for inspiring and uplifting projects, including corporate presentations, YouTube videos, l...

Uplifting Shakuhachi & Piano House (Japanese)

It is a house music using a Japanese bamboo flute called shakuhachi. I created with the image of Japan as seen from Europe and the United States. Perfect for Japanese fireworks show, picture of a cherry tree lighted up, illumination, night festival, asian projects, and other promotional movie.

Joyful Morning Whistling

This cheerful, playfully uplifting track features an energetic stomp and clap beat, strummed acoustic guitars, upbeat electric guitar. The main melody is played by bells and piano, supported by whistling. This track is a perfect choice for a variety of scenarios, like Youtube videos, instagram, adve...

The Acoustic Corporate

Inspiring uplifting acoustic pop track that will motivate you and your viewers Filled with acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bels and drums Perfect for corporate videos, commercials and much more.
Yann Keerim
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