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Corporate bliss

Corporate bliss - it's a motivational background music contained light delayed muted guitar and plucks, pleasant harmony, inspirational pads and confident pop drums.

Epic nuclear

Epic nuclear - it's a humongous epic background music with giant brass and mega woodwinds dramatic instrumental parts. Massive strings sound, cinematic ensemble it's a core of this track.

Can't Be The One

The Wallflowers meets Bon Jovi in this nicely crafted forward moving hooky guitar driven song. Features excellent guitar slides and bends along with big drums and catchy guitar riffs punctuated by anthemic choruses.

Connect The Emotion

A soft ambient background with a digital inspiring vibe great for technology media, digital projects, advertising or futuristic promo. 2 edits available. One is a loop file.

Acoustic Pop - Sweet Day

Corporate and motivational, Lovely and Inspiring music track featuring Ukulele, Acoustic Guitars, Pop drums, electric bass, Piano, Percussion and nice catchy tune. In the style of corporate motivational music, uplifting/emotional. Special for animals, nature and Romantic/Inspiring projects. The beau...

Tropical Pop

A stylish dynamic atmospheric energy positive track with elements of tropical house, vocal samples, chill-out and fashion lounge music. This track is created for summer entertainment videos, fashion shows, lifts and markets, party and afterparty reviews and interviews.

Tropical Guitar

Light minimalistic track in tropical style with the use of guitars, marimba and deep rhythm section. It's good for holidays, beaches, travel and other projects.

The Synthwave

Electronic track in the style of the 80s synth synth using synthesizer sounds Poly Synt, Synth Lead, Pad, Bass and Digital Drum Machine. This music is a good choice for retro, youtube, advertising, presentations, vlog and other projects.


A powerful, electronic track using the sounds and drums of the 80's. This beautiful melody is an excellent choice for a gaming blog, travel, nostalgic video and other your projects.


A powerful, electronic track using the sounds and drums of the 80's. This beautiful melody is an excellent choice for a gaming blog, travel, nostalgic video and other your projects.

Summer Dance

"Summer Dance" is a track with modern synth sounds and a catchy melody. Ideal for dance and active projects, video about a party on the beach, travel vlog, any fun party, fun youth video. Gives bright cheerful energy to any project.

Spacesynth 80

An electronic track in the style of Spacesynth of the 80's with the use of sounds of only real hardware synthesizers (lead, pluck, pad, bass) and drum machines! This is good for game reviews, retro, vlog, vintage, travel, IT and many other projects.

Happy Funky Indie Rock

"Happy Funky Indie Rock" is a fun, upbeat and optimistic indie type track with tons of contagious feel good energy. Lively shouts of "heys" and "oohs" add vibrant character to the playful piano and indie guitars. Add to that a super funky bass line and you've got a hit! Evokes feelings of happiness,...

Uplifting Energy

"Uplifting Energy" is a bright, inspiring and optimistic corporate pop track with delayed electric guitar, beautiful piano, playful synth pluck, and upbeat, lively percussion. Evokes feelings of hope, confidence, reassurance and inspiration. Perfect for corporate background, advertising, commercials...

Hip-Hop Rock

This is the Rock of the future. We have mixed classic and modern styles to make this track. There are also dirty riffs and elements of future bass, blues notes and hip hop loops. Changing the balance in the chorus will draw attention to your work. Such a track just begs for use in advertising.

Driving Indie Rock

An Driving Indie Rock track features live upbeat catchy electric guitar, energetic claps and stomps. The track also includes powerful bass guitar, pumping drum and modern sinth. ?hords and rhythm are caused by espionage motives. Such a track is perfect for the movie “Mission Impossible.” Perfect...
Yann Keerim
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