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Resident Evil

Modern atmospheric epic cinematic track. Perfect for: epic trailers, cinematic background, intros, presentations, motivational videos, and more

The Time Of The Hero

Backgrounds for advertisements, films, trailers, presentations, slideshows, videos on YouTube and Instagram, for video blogs, backgrounds for awards ceremony, time-lapse videos, science videos, documentaries and much more


Perfect for advertising, commercial, corporate, marketing, presentation, business, success, inspiration, motivation, and more

Barbarian War

Epic music for trailer with brass, big percussion, choirs and synphonic orchestra. Powerful heroic soundtrack for your movies, videos, wargame, YouTube channel game, teaser, opening.

Aeckland Castle

Great orchestration of epic adventure for video games, historical and fantasy films.

Huangshan Mountain

The beauty of the huangshan mountain whose peaks pierce the sea of clouds. Chinese orchestral music.

Arctic Lights

A dynamic ambient track. Perfect for nature or science videos, drone footage, documentary films, landscape, news broadcasts, trailers, motivational or inspiring videos.

I Am Nervous

Suspenseful background track with cinematic qualities. Different colors are presented through a varied arrangement of instrument groups.As the piece evolves a hint of sadness is introduced.

Never Lose Hope

Perfect for: commercials, trailers, beautiful and emotional videos, historical films, teasers, intro, games, presentations, titles, titres, time-lapse and landscapes

Lost Souls

Best for films, dark and eerie themed projects, futuristic projects, video game soundtracks, various other types of soundtracks, trailers, Youtube videos

Wedding Day

Warm mood romantic piano sound for dramatic and tender backgrounds

End Of The World

Epic powerful inspiring music for historical projects, cinematic project, presentation, video game, promo and more!

War For Life

Powerful and motivating cinematic trailer music. Perfect for epic trailers, games and movies, cosmic videos, teasers, intros, presentations, thriller and promos

Monsters Menacing Drone

Dark ominous soundscape featuring heavy stomps, eerie strings and other effects.


A dark droning guitar track, ideal for film with suspense sequences.
Yann Keerim
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