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Royalty-free music

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Royalty free music is an innovative, simple and affordable way to license music tracks. helps creative people and companies instantly download background music for videos, apps, films, adverts, tv, radio, websites, games and other media worldwide. In contrast with the traditional music licensing system which could be extremely costly and complex, producers can use tracks from royalty free music libraries, by paying a one-off fee.

Then, purchased tracks can be legally used in any production - in multiple products - for ever.

As simple as that.

Stock Music Library

Should you wish to find the best stock music library for your corporate videos and productions, look no further than

The Music Case offers 93,000 production tracks online of all genres and styles. With more than 10 years of experience in online music licensing, we have been established as the music provider for thousands of companies worldwide, ranging from big advertising agencies such as Ogilvy, to digital innovation companies in media and entertainment such as Technicolor.

Our Stock Music Library carries a broad selection of different music styles offering a vast selection of rock, country, indian, chinese, funk, choir, caribbean, retro, hip-hop, jazz, meditation, ambient, reggae, electronica soundtracks, etc. We carry a massive range of stock classical music recordings featuring music by famous composers. The carefully designed music licensing terms and pricing makes it easy for video makers and multimedia producers to search and find the most suitable music files to enhance the impact of their creative works.

Our Royalty Free Music Licenses will have you covered for unlimited time and unlimited projects. is trusted by

some of the largest hi-end companies worldwide

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