Latin Royalty Free Music

Happy, rhytmic tracks with the Latin spirit.

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carnival party

Carnival party is a samba track with a typical carnival feeling, perfect for olympic sports and soccer related projects, as an opener,for commercials, corporate , party and You tube videos.

Festival Drums

A percussion only track using samba drums to give a celebration feel.

Tango Nuances

Polished, sensual electro tango with accordion, guitar, piano and drums. A refined and a bit nostalgic atmosphere evoking all the magic of Argentina and the charming elegance of tango music.

Upbeat Latin Sunshine

A smooth, easy going, feel good Spanish/Latin flavored bossa nova guitar track with bass, brass section (in the full version) and syncopated Mediterranean percussion such as guiros, bongos, congas, shakers, woodblocks and light drums. “Upbeat Latin Sunshine” is perfect for light-hearted commerc...

Samba fun

A melodic Samba, featuring a Flugelhorn duet with Guitar, Bass & Percussion accompaniment. Lively harmon muted Trumpet jazz towards the end of the piece.

So sad

A beautiful slow Latin Rumba, performed by solo Flugelhorn with Guitar, Bass, Strings & Percussion accompaniment.

Bossa of love

A smooth and easy listening bossanova featuring Flugelhorn, Guitar, Bass & Percussion.

'Norteña' G funk Chicano West Coast Beat

We out here makin hits, this one for all the immigrants Follow me on social media: Got any r...

Soft Mojito

A splash of Cuban-bongo flavor in the vein of Candela, Buena Vista Social Club, Corazon Espinado Oye Como Va. A few Cuban retirees pass time playing Dominoes in a Spanish town square, some of them drink rum, some drink mojitos. Works well in a Miami, Cuban, Little Havana or South Beach documentary. ...

Frito Mallorquin

Soft latin song with acoustic guitar, trumpets and percussion elements. Perfect for holiday videos, travel guides, dance clubs or maybe a slideshow.

Good Day Bossa

Easy going bossa nova track with happy acoustic vibes. Great for family, travel and holiday videos. Acoustic guitars and percussion featured.

Latin Fire

An uptempo latin theme with syncopated guitars and acoustic piano with an energetic acoustic drum groove.

Carnival Night

A vibrant samba drum ensemble playing a dynamic and energetic percussion track. Ideal for any projects needing a carnival or Latin feel.


Cool Latin, Spanish track with percussion and catchy acoustic guitar melody.

A Spanish Affair SHORT VERSION

Authentic Spanish Flamenco track with acoustic guitar and percussion. Very romantic, emotional feel.

Latin Groove Passion Mood

Soundtrack in Latin music style - include piano, passion brass, mute guitar, congo, drums, bass etc. Active and positive, energetic and rhythmic item for your video project, YouTube channel, website, advertising and more.

Uplifting Tango

Uplifting tango dynamic track featuring piano, harmonica, double bass and drums. Great for your media production.

Carnival Samba

by KBH
Dynamic and cheerful samba with a powerful brass section and typical Brazilian instruments such as cavaquinho and pure Brazilian percussion. Perfect for the Rio carnival, commercials travel video, YouTube video and any other multi-media project. There are 2 versions of this music track: 1. Carnival ...

Esta Forrao

Spanish track with flowing guitars, percussion, bass and synths. Emotional and authentic.

Yann Keerim
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