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Ambient atmospheric soundscape music with deep atmospheric pads. Dreamy, inspiring and dark mood. Perfect for timelapse, slow motion, documentary videos, commercial, traveling, nature, movie, film, vlog and any video.

The Acoustic Guitar Road

The Acoustic Guitar Road is a bright, cheerful and optimistic music track with an easy-going, contented mood. It features a folksy acoustic guitar theme with a mid tempo drum rhythm. Ideal background music for telling a story from your life, presenting a slide show from a family photo album, making ...

Positive Future Bass

Peaceful, beautifull and bright future bass with melody chords, atmospheres, vocals, percussion and bass. Mood: optimistic, relaxing. Best for: advertising, business, broadcast TV, intro, background, opener, slideshow, vlog, instagram, youtube, commercial, presentation, demonstration, fashion, sty...

Lofi Hip Hop Background

Lofi Hip Hop Background is an atmospheric lo-fi boom bap music track with a modern, urban touch. It features a wide range of samples, including synths, electric piano, trumpets, high-pitched strings and vocal effects. Perfect for advertising, commercials, street videos, vlogs, urban videos, high-qua...

Hip Hop Chill

Hip Hop Chill is a cool, stylish hip-hop beat that has a bopping, groovy feel. It features a variety of samples like a background electric guitar riff, triumphant, vintage trumpets, atmospheric vocal effects and a shaker for percussion. Perfect for vlogs, urban videos, street footage, travel videos,...

Optimistic Positive Mood - Loop Version

Optimistic Positive Mood is a happy royalty free music track for the mood of joyful, fun, youthful, positive, cheerful, etc. Suitable for any Youtube clips, advertising commercial, slideshow, viral clip, vlog, any visual that relates to family, pets, children, lifestyle, holiday, traveling and more...

Time And Space Floating Background

Ambient and beautiful floating electronic background music, made with modern synths and sounds. Bright, hopeful and searching atmosphere, perfect for documentaries, podcasts, time-lapse videos and any projects in the genre of traveling, space and nature!

Way To The Stars (energetic, modern, groovy)

Way To The Stars is a powerful track with catchy guitars riffs, stylish and groovy drums, claps, bass, solos and different electronic movements. It is an excellent choice for extreme videos about sport events, wonderful travelings with friends, fast action commercials and other adventurous activitie...

Discovery Adventure - Loop Version

Mysterious cinematic royalty free music soundtrack with marimba and xylophone. For documentary, discovery channels travel video and more. With its overall light and gentle tone and mood, this track will give a rich and stylish vibe to your videos and projects. Thanks for listening and purchasing!

After Rain

This piece of music is dreamy and dramatic. It suits for any kind of inspirational videos about beauty of our world, love or romantic memories. It`s also good for emotional and lyric videos, some social projects, adverts, websites and films.

Magic Island - Loop Version

Mysterious cinematic soundtrack with hang drum, marimba, xylophone and other percussions. Perfect for documentary, discovery channels, travel movie and more. Suitable for geographical videos or anything that needs a ethno/world music percussions background. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Documentary Guitar Chill

This Documentary Music with Ambient and Emotional mood and atmosphere. Perfect for: documental film and video, inspiring video, docudrama , nature video, grand timelapse, great landscape, documentary intro, documentation media, documentary film, nonfiction video, documentary emotional video, inspre...

Upbeat Corporate Inspiring Motivational

Corporate Motivational – uplifting and amazing, warm, bright, optimistic and positive corporate original background music. Plenty of happy and good vibes. Perfect for: advertising, background, fashion, business projects, social media, summer, interviews, promotions, presentations, summer festi...
Yann Keerim
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