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True Summer Love

Insrumental cinematic classical music composed for piano and orchestra, ideal for romantic and love scenes in films, tv series and natire documentaries. Also great for slideshows, podcast and youtube.

Flowers of July

Instrumental inspiring and positive classical music, composed for piano, strings and flutes, ideal for nature and scenes in films, tv series and documentaries. Also great for advertising and promos in sunny and optimistic situations.

Mountain Lake

Instrumental inspiring cinematic music composed for strings, piano, tambourine and flute, ideal for contemplative, romantic and nature scenes in films, tv series and documentaries. Also great for relaxation, spa and presentations.

April Fool's Day Melody

April Fool's Day Melody is a fun instrumental featuring strings and celeste. Eliciting a humorous and lighthearted vibe, this is a very versatile track! This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explain...

Happy Uplifting Ukulele Background

'Happy Uplifting Ukulele Background' is an uplifting, funny, happy, motivational and inspiring acoustic background music track, spreading a lighthearted and playful mood. It's designed as an uplifting background music track for commercials, films, documentaries, product or service presentations e...

Romantic Piano Theme

A simple but romantic and emotional piano track with choir and strings ideal for any project that has honest moments of love like rommantic comedy movies, Valentine's Day dedications, and wedding videos. Two versions are available Full version (1:27) 30-second version (0:30)

loony synth

slightly frenzied, fun, eccentric synth sounds-perfect for humorous animation, kids content or quirky content

Silly Sounds

silly, upbeat, zany, weird, bubbly synth/stylophone sounds. Great for cartoon, kids show or lighthearted content

Pop Kids

A uplifting, cute and catchy pop song for children’s media and other projects that evokes happiness and innocence. Featuring: acoustic guitars, glockenspiel, xylophone, piano, bass, hand claps, tambourine and drums. Other uses for this track include children’s TV/videos, babies, nurseries, educ...

Happy Morning

Happy sunny morning, Positive and Happy acoustic song that is ideal for advertising and promotions. The track is very uplifting and positive, Sweet whistling song, optimistic sunny skies, perfect day. Jaunty lighthearted and playful. Quirky, fresh and young. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Acoust...

Upbeat Fun Ukulele For Kids

This song is a very happy and upbeat piece using the ukulele. Also features hand clapping, bells, and tight bass to give a cheerful and positive vibe. This would make a good track to use if you want to capture todays modern and popular trend of using upbeat ukulele music heard in many of todays...
Yann Keerim
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