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Tropical Island Party

A lighthearted acoustic track, featuring playful marimba, light piano, double bass, driving rhythm guitar, timbales and authentic percussion and drums. Styled for promo, ads, commercials, corporate, youtube and any scene about holiday, vacation, easy life, sunny beach, ocean breeze, pool party, cock...

Upbeat Indie Comedy

A colorful comic track, featuring signature organs, whistling, melodica, cool electric guitars, bells, claps, percussion, energetic bass and drums. Creating a slightly quirky dramedy, comedy feel with a vibrant retro touch. Many edit points. Perfect for humorous ads, promo, commercials and any kind ...

Inspiring Happy Piano Dream

Inspiring Happy Piano Dream is a motivating, romantic and cinematic royalty free piano track with grand piano, optional glockenspiel, orchestral bass and triangle. It will work perfect for ads, commercials, Youtube videos, films, wedding, corporate and explaining videos and many other application. ...

Upbeat Retro Pop

A vibrant, uplifting neo soul track, featuring current pop vocal samples, vintage drums, claps, cool guitar and bass, piano, baritone sax and modern synths. Styled for catchy ads, commercials, promo, corporate media, youtube, instagram or any kind of lighthearted, youthful scene. Comedy background, ...

Positive Carefree Underscore

A lighthearted, emotional underscore track, featuring expressive dulcimer, intimate felt piano and beautiful soft strings. Creating a delicate, optimistic mood. Perfect for ads, commercials, corporate, youtube, documentary, feature film and any kind of heartfelt, honest scene.

Sunny Lofi Blues

Lighthearted and jolly lofi hiphop blues track with organ lead, guitars, bass, horns, and lofi drums. Cheefrul and chill sunny vibes. Great for happy and cheeky content, vlogs, and tv/film montages

Karen On The Prowl

Whimsical and quirky dramedy cue with pizzicato strings, cello, percussion, glock, and funny sound fx. Sneaky, nosy, lighthearted, comedic, and michievous vibes. Great for sitcoms, realtiy shows, dramas, comedy, and wholesome programming

Happy Country Acoustic Ditty

simple two guitar country ditty reminiscent of old classic novelty country. Happy and positive countryside vibes. Great for lighthearted TV/Film, corporate, and family/children programming

Acoustic guitars play a beautiful melody

Acoustic guitars play a beautiful, warm, thematic melody over a pulsating rhythm. Use as a theme or underscore for TV, Film romantic, inspirational, contemplative, joyful or mellow scenes.

A positive and optimistic acoustic track with ukulele

A positive and optimistic acoustic track with ukulele, upright bass and acoustic guitars. Ideal for corporate advertising, commercials and internet videos as well as uses involving innocence, inspiration and motivation. Playful, quirky and bright.

Way to Happiness

instrumental uplifting acoustic music composed for acoustic guitars, piano, cello, violin and glockenspiel. Ideal for happy and joyous situations in films, tv series and shows. Also great for commercials, advertising and promos.

Building Happiness

Instrumental uplifting and happy acoustic music composed for acoustic guitars, piano, strings, glockenspiel, drums,violin and hand claps, ideal background for commercials, promos and ads. This pack features two different versions: Full version (2:45) Loop 1 (0:17)

Cheerful Commercial

This is a very popular style of music for any ad, played by a pizzicato cello, glockenspiel and bassoon. Simple and uplifting! Update: Now five versions are included: -Happy commercial 0:31 (with Bell Melody) -Happy commercial Piano 0:31 (with Piano instead Bell Melody) in preview after 0:31...

True Summer Love

Insrumental cinematic classical music composed for piano and orchestra, ideal for romantic and love scenes in films, tv series and natire documentaries. Also great for slideshows, podcast and youtube.

Flowers of July

Instrumental inspiring and positive classical music, composed for piano, strings and flutes, ideal for nature and scenes in films, tv series and documentaries. Also great for advertising and promos in sunny and optimistic situations.
Yann Keerim
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