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loony synth

slightly frenzied, fun, eccentric synth sounds-perfect for humorous animation, kids content or quirky content

Silly Sounds

silly, upbeat, zany, weird, bubbly synth/stylophone sounds. Great for cartoon, kids show or lighthearted content

Pop Kids

A uplifting, cute and catchy pop song for children’s media and other projects that evokes happiness and innocence. Featuring: acoustic guitars, glockenspiel, xylophone, piano, bass, hand claps, tambourine and drums. Other uses for this track include children’s TV/videos, babies, nurseries, educ...

Happy Morning

Happy sunny morning, Positive and Happy acoustic song that is ideal for advertising and promotions. The track is very uplifting and positive, Sweet whistling song, optimistic sunny skies, perfect day. Jaunty lighthearted and playful. Quirky, fresh and young. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Acoust...

Upbeat Fun Ukulele For Kids

This song is a very happy and upbeat piece using the ukulele. Also features hand clapping, bells, and tight bass to give a cheerful and positive vibe. This would make a good track to use if you want to capture todays modern and popular trend of using upbeat ukulele music heard in many of todays...

Cheerful Holidays

Cheerful and positive Christmas track is created using ukulele, cajon, piano, percussion, bells and strings. it is perfect for your New Year's or children's film as well as of slide show or a holiday presentation.

Sense of Beauty

Bright melodious track. Created with a minimum of musical instruments: acoustic guitar, piano, percussion and vocals.


Very positive acoustic track created using an acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, piano, claps and stomps, tambourine, shaker. This unobtrusive track will be a great addition for your Media Projects. You can use this anywhere, everything is limited only by your imagination. It is perfect for advertising,...

In the Clouds

Cheerful and positive corporate track with a simple melody. Be sure that it will be a wonderful addition to your Media Projects.

Forever and Ever

Light and emotional piano melody gradually grows into an orchestral composition.

Simple Things

"Simple Things" is a nice acoustic song is created using the ukulele, guitar, piano, percussion and bells. Simple melody this track cheer up and be a great addition to your Projects.

Funky Playful Marimba And Wood

Friendly uplifting theme played by marimba and accompanied by different layers of real played wooden percussion. The combination of instruments deployed give the piece a crispy warm feeling. Perfect to use in children’s productions, commercials, corporate videos, animations and more.
Yann Keerim
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