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Nice Afternoon Walk

Instrumental positive and easy acoustic music made for acoustic guitars, piano, glockenspiel, strings, drums and strings, perfect for happy and joyous scenes in films and tv series. Also great for advertising, commercials and documentaries in similar optimistic contemplative situations.


Dark cinematic hybrid trailer music with synth pads and drones, string ostinatos, big brass section, drums and percussion. This track is perfect for Film, TV, Advertising and Games, setting a dramatic, powerful and fantastic atmosphere.

Success Corporate

Commercial positive and happy, optimistic, success, business, confident corporate with electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, pad synths, drums, percussion, strings, bass, bells

Living a Happy Life

Instrumental and inspirational acoustic happy music composed for acoustic guitars, piano, strings and drums. Great music for joyous and cheerful scenes in films, tv series and clips. Also great for advertising and commercials.

Sweet Sadness

Sweet Sadness is a cinematic, beautiful, melancholic yet hopeful, piano solo track.

A Moment Of Peace

Peaceful and mellow piano music, accompanied with ambient strings and electric guitars! Best for projects with a melancholy mood!

A New Day Begins

Bright, positive and subtle background music, with marimba, piano, woodwinds, strings and piano. Optimistic, adventures and bouncy kind of fairytale vibe, perfect as underscore for documentaries, podcasts, drama and other projects that need a gentle touch of background music!

Larger Than Life

Peaceful, bright and ambient music track with an optimistic and positive vibe. Electric guitars, layered synths and some ambient strings makes this track perfect as underscore for documentaries, drama and Podcasts!

Romantic Piano Ballad

Sentimental and full of love pop ballad with r`n`b drums. You can hear piano, drums and dreamy orchestra in the middle part. You can use it for love stories, wedding videos, sentimental memories videos and all producta about relationships, health and care.

Epic Anxiety Trailer

This trailer is full of anxious, fearful and nervous mood. Scaring war drums, dissonant synths and melodic guitars contrast each other and make dramatic tension. You can use it for cinematic trailers, video game stream announces, horror and military movies, action technology presentations and creat...

Acoustic Positive Romantic

It`s an acoustic romantic music theme with real acoustic guitar, rich sounding piano and sweet violins. Mood of item is calming, dreamy and lovely. Ideal for storytelling, romantic wedding slideshows, sentimental cinema moments, ads with childrens, health media projects, family oriented commercials...

Cinematic Thoughtful Documentary

Cinematic thoughtful theme with a lot of magic piano and beautiful strings. Also you can hear many drums and percussions that sounds very delicate. Composition is growth gradually and get peak at the end. This music is looking for interesting documentary, creative ads, motivational corporate projec...

Nature Positive Documentary

Sweet nature ambient music with piano and strings. This inspiring composition is full of care, love, hope, beauty and peace. Works best in narration, documentary, corporate projects, inspiring motivational videos, healthcare ads, explainers, slideshows and as background for youtube vlogs.

A Happy Walk Corporate

Instrumental inspirational acoustic music, best for advertising, commercials and corporate projects with happy and relaxed situations. Also great for films, tv series and clips, in positive and friendly scenes.

Endless War

This is an intense, triumphant, glorious and action cinematic track, with powerful cellos ,big drums, percussions instruments, epic brass and guitar theme. This track it´s perfect for soundtrack, video games, background epic music in dramatic films, documentary, inspiring and motivational video, sl...

Make Us Stronger (Ebow Guitar Drone)

Ambient cinematic guitar music suitable for projects seeking for a nostalgic and minimal guitar feel into the music Suitable for projects, commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, YouTube videos and more!

Make Us Stronger (Sentimental Guitar) (Solo Guitar)

Ambient cinematic guitar music suitable for projects seeking for a nostalgic and minimal guitar feel into the music Suitable for projects, commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, YouTube videos and more!
Yann Keerim
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