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Sunny Rain

Featuring wonderful cellos, atmospheric violins, beautiful piano melody, tight contrabasses, bright trumpets and brass, cinematic drums and percussions

Golden October

Perfect for dramatic movies, films, social media and more

End Of The Human Race

Track created to underscore documentaries on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology, but also Sci Fi shorts, movies, videogames, podcast, commercials. The robots have taken over, in this track with a dystopian atmosphere we hear mysterious electronic sounds (the language of machines), a slow an...

EDM Fashion

EDM Fashion is a modern edm club track with drum, bass, piano and energetic arpeggio synths. Ideal for fashion, lifestyle and travel videos, and various types of advertisements.

Ocean Waves

A rich texture made of acoustic and electric guitars, hypnotic warm bass, groovy drums, ambient organic percussions, exotic sitar, reggae organ and dreamy keyboards. Great for documentaries, time-lapse, meditation, travel, yoga and other introspective suspenseful videos.


Powerful, energetic and driving post-grunge composition for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!

Race (Energetic Sports Rock)

Uplifting and motivational audio track perfect to set an optimistic mood in your project! This track featuring bass, drive guitars and drums. Suitable for any sports projects, vlog, promo, commercial, identifier, logo reveal, animation, web, app, game, radio, TV and Youtube.

Corporate Video Upbeat Background

Elevate Your Content with "Corporate Video Upbeat Background". When it comes to setting the perfect tone for your projects, "Corporate Video Upbeat Background" is your ultimate choice! This dynamic and uplifting music track is meticulously crafted to infuse your content with boundless energy, mot...

Upbeat Extreme Sports Music

Upbeat and energetic extreme sports action music. Huge toms, drums, and rock guitars make it very dynamic and driving. Can be used for trailers, car and driving videos, sports game videos and events, dynamic advertisings and energetic projects. Works for slow-mo, Kickstarter campaigns, commercials, ...

Rock The World

Powerful and heavy Rock track, perfect background music for sports, game, military, fight, durable product advertising and commercials, social media campaigns, trailers, and teasers.

Extreme Sports Rock Trailer

Energizing Metal rock background music trailer with a high adrenaline rush. This will be perfect for sports tv or radio shows, commercials, videos, advertisings and video compilations. It captures the feel of energy, speed, anger, determination, success.
Yann Keerim
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