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Fast Street Fighters

heerful, happy and lighthearted logo featuring innocent piano and childlike guitar and celesta..The mood is positive,uplifting and fun. Background music for media projects, perfect for children, or slightly quirky branding, videohive projects, videos,blogs, openers, presentation, advertisement, co...

Hueznar Falls

A funny and uptempo samba piano and guitar track, with bass and brazilian percussion background. Perfect for travel, family, children and old times footage. With a joyful melody and a 60´s mood.

Baby Lullaby

A very touching melody, with low sound of acoustic guitars. Soft and tender, very calm and pacifying, it will work perfectly as a background for any kids videos, family videos, commercials, or youtube videos.


Powerful electric guitar music with punchy drums and seethe bass. This track will able exciting, angry and energetic mood to your project.

Unconnected Oneness

Perfect track for action video and sport commercials, extreme TV show and much more.

Happy dreams (Cinematic relaxing background)

Light classical composition with wonderful atmosphere and spiritual mood. Combined with calm, social, relaxing, romantic videos, commercial projects, etc.

Positive grown minimal corporate

Positive minimal composition with electric, acoustic and muted guitars, electric piano, bass and percussion, creating a successful atmosphere and a cheerful happy mood. Combined with corporate, advertising, business videos, video positive, happy and successful subjects and many others.

Your imagination (Fantasy fairytale background)

Light hybrid composition with a fabulous atmosphere and soulful mood. Combined with calm, social, relaxing, fantasy videos, commercial projects, etc.

Tender embrace (Peaceful relaxing piano)

Light piano background with a gentle atmosphere and a calm mood. Combined with peaceful, romantic, social, family, calm videos, commercial projects, etc.

Empathy (Acoustic dramatic piano)

A melancholy acoustic composition with a piano that creates an atmosphere of empathy and a sad mood. Combined with sentimental, dramatic videos, nostalgic, tragic themes, slide shows, social videos, etc.

Heartwarming story (Acoustic emotional piano)

An emotional acoustic composition with a piano, creating a touching atmosphere and a sentimental mood. Combined with sentimental videos, romantic, nostalgic, emotional themes, slide shows, social videos, etc.

Neon Nights

The sound design of this track is stylized for electronic music and soundtracks from the 80s.

Graceful Tomorrow

Pianos, organs and hypnotic synths over powerful drums evoke New Age with drive. Build to heavy climax.
Yann Keerim
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