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Sacrifice (Emotional Orchestral)

A very sentimental track, starting with a piano and flute melody, evolving to a full orchestral emotional climax. Perfect for background music in romantic trailers, films, YouTube videos and wherever an emotional atmosphere is needed.

Peace of Mind (Romantic Cinematic)

A peaceful melody, introduced by piano and oboe, creating a sentimental atmosphere, evolving into a full orchestral theme reaching an inspiring climax. Great for background music in videos, love scenes, presentations, or whenever a soft and romantic atmosphere is needed.

A New Hope

An orchestral track with a dark and ominous low strings first part, leading to a bright and inspiring full orchestra second part. Ideal for presentations, commercials, videos, political ads, heroic scenes and more.

Bloody Heaven

An explosive cinematic track with electric violin, piano dramatic orchestra, cinematic and sound design. This is a great tool to create tension, and get that aggressive vibe!

Following The Sun

Following The Sun is a dreamy and romantic cinematic composition with piano and strings. This sensitive and peaceful track can be used for videos about love, nature / sea visuals, movies, intros or documentaries, different social media projects etc. Available in Full, Short, Loop, Logo and 60 sec ed...

Heartfelt Emotional Accordion

Beautiful, expressive solo accordion motifs, very authentically performed. Styled for heartfelt opener, jingle, intro, stinger, logo, ident or any kind of intimate, longing scene. Gipsy wedding, balkan party, eastern flavour, overwhelming emotions, real feelings, regret, family honor, nostalgic.

Dark Piano Building Tension

A suspenseful, emotional underscore track, featuring beautiful piano, driving short strings and subtle percussion. An intimate, solemn piano piece turns into an energetic suspense, action cue. Melancholic, tender ending. Styled for turning points, movie scenes, cinematic storytelling, promo, trailer...

Slow River

A slow and peaceful piano track with choir and strings. This is ideal for meditation, nature, time-lapse photography, background music and much more!

Ruler of Shadows

A dark hybrid track with a combination of piano, ambient sounds, synths and celeste creating a tense and mysterious background with a slight shimmer of light towards the end. Great for tension scenes, trailers, videos and any project requiring anxious atmospheric music.

Dark Rituals

A dark hybrid orchestral track with a combination of ambient sounds, synths and celeste creating a tense background and strings ostinato and piano rising to an anxious and mysterious climax. Great for tension scenes, trailers, videos and any project requiring an atmospheric and intense music.

Voice of my Heart

A soft and romantic piano melody with a touch of ethereal pads and celeste. Great for background music in films, videos, emotional scenes and various sentimental content.

What Did They Die For (Orchestral Anthem)

An anthemic orchestral track, creating a melancholic and at the same time dramatic and heroic atmosphere. Great for background music in films, documentaries, videos or other emotional content.

Contemplative Emotional Underscore

An introspective, tender background track, featuring expressive melodica, soft piano and upright bass. Setting the tone for pensive, yet touching scenes. Rainy day, longing, melancholy, current affairs, human interest, rough landscape. Perfect for documentaries, youtube, reportage.

Emotional Heartfelt Piano

An emotional piece of love primarily using piano and backed by choir and strings for a feeling that's ideal for romantic scenes in movies and projects like confessions, Mother's Day dedication videos, and weddings. Four versions are available: Full version - 2:51 60-second version - 0:59 30-second ...
Yann Keerim
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