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Evening Breeze

A laid-back beat with atmospheric vibes. It features samples of vinyl crackle, reverberating electric guitar, drums, vocal effects and elegant synths. A cool instrumental in the best tradition of soulful mellow hip hop beats. Dreamy contemplation while sitting back, drinking coffee, enjoying music a...

Ascension (stylish urban hip hop)

A stylish, urban styled track that has many uses. Great for documentaries, films, games, advertising and branding. It features string orchestra, felt piano, old school hip hop beats, vinyl record and ticking clock fx. Available in 2 edits, long and short

Good to Go [jazzy Hip Hop]

A catchy and upbeat royalty free hip hop track, with cool brass, funky guitar, scratch boom bap beat and vocal chops. Perfect for urban, street, lifestyle, cars, sport, urban footage, commercial or advertising. Available in 3 versions for maximum usability and flexibility.

Whatever It Takes (Urban Orchestral Hip Hop)

A powerful and edgy urban styled track that has many uses. Great for films, documentaries, advertising and branding. It features full string orchestra, filtered piano, lo fi hip hop beats and vinyl record fx. Available in 2 edits, long and short.

Upbeat Chic Fashion Funky

Hello) Rhythmic atmospheric track. The original e-piano sound allows you to immediately recognize the track. Energetic bass and drums create a unique groove. Instruments: Basse, Drums, Piano, Bells, FX, Guitar, Synth, Organ, Electric Piano. For greater flexibility I added a four loop. 01_Upbeat_C...

Retro Vanilla

The retro romantic and rhythmic melody of the track sets the mood of French vanilla charm and vintage elegance. Transparent violins, retro organ and muted guitar, as well as a magnificent brass section and clear drums and percussion.

PLay The Record - Vinyl Groovy Street Hip Hop

Highly inspirational, positive, light and motivational hip hop/urban audio background! Perfect for sports, travel, gaming, kids education, self-improvement, make up and tech tutorial vlogs and videos!

Be Back Lo Fi

A relaxed, positive chillout track for rest and relaxation. Soft pleasant beats, synthesizer parts and voice hooks.

Rock It Step Scratching Funk

Incendiary, stylish, positive rock track. Able to easily create the mood and voice the video in which you need enthusiasm and notes of style. Retro piano, rock bass and rhythmic guitar riffs as well as scratch effects, all perfectly combined in this track.

Nostalgia Street

Nostalgia Street is a relaxing acoustic guitar track with a classic hip hop beat. It features a nostalgic acoustic guitar melody, beautiful harmonics, crystal clear and elegant piano, atmospheric synths, mellow horns, hip hop drums and a shaker. Perfect for chillhop playlists, time lapse, vlogs, You...


An emotional and melancholic lo-fi, chill music track. It features nostalgic electric guitars, a classic hip-hop beat, dusty drum grooves, distinct, choppy vocal sample effects, retro scratch, and revolving synths. Perfect for design projects, art work exhibition/presentation, photo slideshow, relax...

Sit Back

A calm, chill and relaxed music track in the lo-fi style. It’s got that nostalgic and dreamy vibe. It features a variety of atmospheric samples, including a drum beat, vinyl crackle, melodic piano, saxophone, synthesizer sound effects and vocal effects. Perfect for vlogs, study background, chillho...

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone is a laid-back lo-fi beat that creates a relaxing mood. It features a chill electric guitar, smooth horns, hip-hop drums, vinyl scratch, female vocal effects and atmospheric synths. Perfect for design projects, art work exhibition/presentation, photo slideshow, relaxing background compi...

Hip Hop Lounge

Hip Hop Lounge is a mellow, laidback music track with old school, jazzy underground vibes. It features a lo-fi hip hop beat made with a number of different samples, including an upright bass line, a variety of piano textures, atmospheric synths, horns and sound effects. Perfect for vlogs, street foo...

Just La-La-La

This track carries a romantic and cheerful mood. The retro sound created by guitars, vibraphone, voice hook, and soul drums is transferred to another dimension and relaxes in romantic notes. Let’s create cool videos together!

Catchy Lofi Hip Hop

Cool lo-fi hip hop track, perfect music for promotional videos, vlogs, TV, radio, podcasts, social media and more. Begins with piano melody and leads into the main section with trumpet and strings. This track was recorded with pianos, trumpets, strings, percussion and bass using sample libraries and...

Cool Hip Hop Lofi

Lo-fi hip hop track. Perfect background music for video, presentations, TV, trailers, commercials, social media, vlogs and more. The Track opens with a lo-fi piano and drum vinyl sound and continues into a chorus of smooth jazzy vocals and trumpet. Recorded with MIDI piano, drums, brass, bass, vocal...
Yann Keerim
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