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Coffee Shop

A trendy, stylish royalty free hip-hop music with scratch sounds, upbeat drums and bass, cool samples, ideal for vlogs, fashion/lifestyle videos or urban clips


Perfect for: commercials, trailers, beautiful and emotional videos, historical films, teasers, intro, games, presentations, titles, titres, time-lapse and landscapes

Sunset Weekend

Modern chill hip-hop for urban, street, fashion, commercial video. Good for vlog, city travel video, summer, autumn video and presentation. Excellent for chill, relax and lounge

Half Moon Bay

An instrumental lofi hiphop beat. Perfects for flogs, urban, retro themed visuals, lifestyle, travel, or promo footage

Lemonade [PACK]

This is hip hop track, modern, very stylish and full of hip-hop flavour, this track brings forward that genuine hip-hop sound, with emotion and inspiration. Perfect for sports music video, commercial, vlog and blog video on YouTube

Young Presidents

Upbeat positive and optimistic uplifting indie rock music for commercial and tv projects


Perfects for blogs, lounge, nightlife, bar scenes, retro themed visuals, lifestyle, travel, or promo footage

Picture the Sky

Positive vibe is ideal as background music for travel, relaxation, luxury, fashion, hotels, cookery, lifestyle, leisure and more

Motivational Uplifting Corporate Background

'Motivational Uplifting Corporate Background' is an upbeat, inspiring, motivational, corporate background track, working great for tutorials, commercials, advertisements, as background music for films, documentaries, motivational videos, blogs, product or service presentations, movies, etc.

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Upbeat urban style boom bap hiphop. Perfect for sports music video, commercial, vlog and blog video on YouTube

The Optimistic

Positive and warm track filled with atmospheric and joyful mood. This background music is perfect for advertising, video blogs on various topics. For example, this track can be used in videos about cars, science, technology, travel and other creative ideas.

Bright and Beautiful Wedding Piano

Bright and Beautiful Wedding Piano is a gentle romantic track to watch someone go down the isle, down the beach, down the drain..well, basically just going. It is indeed beautiful. It features piano and strings, obviously, and some airy background and light percussion just to make it feel right. Per...

Relaxing Chillhop

Nice lo-fi hip-hop track for your project! It features piano, nice beat and some other secret ingredients. It`s calm, relaxing and potentially a great background for your vlog, youtube video, intro or any other content. Enjoy!

Positive Upbeat Rock

A bright positive track that drags you into the groove right away! Just like any other decent rock track it features some guitars, drums, bass and a vocal line. Its fun, driving and carefree which makes it a great fit for a commercial, advertisement, blog, vlog, introoutro or any other piece of vi...

Dark Western Trailer [PACK]

This one is an epic trailer track for your content. It is slow, dark and a bit aggressive with really determined and gloomy vibe. A great fit for a commercial, advertisement, blog, vlog, intro, outro, video game and loads of other types of content. It features some live humming vocals (no lyrics), s...

Careless Whistle [PACK]

Bright and catchy carefree track for your commercial, advertisement, podcast, blog, video, you name it! Featuring ukulele, whistle, drums and mallets it brings a great vibe for you to enjoy. Good day!
Yann Keerim
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