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Tension movie

Powerful, slightly scary, modern Trap-track. All sounds are chosen so as to cause tension and a sense of danger. Ideal for musical accompaniment film or documentary program.

Funky Trap City Dance

Summer and energetic track with a positive mood. This music is suitable for various shows, videos about sports, cars, fashion, travel, as well as presentations, advertisements and many other projects and creative ideas.

Urban Trap

Urban Trap is not an aggressive track with 808 classic drums, electronic sounds and a deep pad. A great choice for time labse video, technology and urban projects.

Piano Trap

Quiet, beautiful, relaxing track using the piano, rhythm section in the style of the trap, vocal sample and additional electronic sounds for background music in advertising, youtube, vlog and other your projects.

Hip Hop

Hip-Hop is an energetic, easy-to-listen summer background track with a funky, confident mood. This track contains elements of the brass section of the brass and modern hip-hop. Ideal for travel videos, fashion and beauty presentations, active sports trailers, summer parties and fan films.

Hip Hop Lounge

“Hip Hop Lounge” is a hearty hip-hop track with a warm atmosphere using vocal samples to relax romantic videos, fashion and other similar projects.

Future Reggae

This is a traditional guitar riff in reggae style with the Future Bass rhythm section and electronic sounds. Perfectly reflects the light mood and carefree atmosphere. Ideal for summer beach videos, travel, advertising, documentaries, travel blogs and many other your projects.

Dirty Contacts

Dirty, vicious connections. What can they lead to? Only to crime. Meet our new track, to sound criminal series or movie. Composition keeps in suspense from start to finish. The track is performed in a trendy Dark Trap style. The archive has two versions: - Full version: 2:31 - No voice fx version: ...

Dark Day

What awaits us in the future! What will be the post apacalypse? This track is made under the impression of cyber-punk movies. Minor motif, powerful sound, modern trap beat. The chorus of this composition will not leave your indifferent.


Cool trap track, powerful chorus, holding in suspense. This is the music of the streets, this is the music of the ghetto, this is the music of protest. This music encourages to move forward and win.

Crime Trap

Crime gangsta trap. The most current musical style of the 21st century. Music of the streets, music of the ghetto, music of the underground. Stylish, fashionable, modern. Suitable for both advertising and video blogs. Powerful bass, sharp beat.

Abstract Hip-Hop

Music track for detective series titles. Mix of hip-hop, trap and disturbing music. lyric piano arpeggios, sharp synths and powerful beats.

Hidden Dreams Under My Hoodie [Nostalgic Trap Beat]

Nostalgic and dreamy ambient trap song with bells, modern leads, saturated DX7, piano, 808, sub bass, inspiring pads and a pulsing trap beat – best for advertising, background music, urban, nostalgic, sad and dreamy related content.

Yann Keerim
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