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Dig Deeper

Dig Deeper is a dark, scary, aggressive, energetic and very powerful trap track with elements of EDM. This fresh, modern and mysterious hip-hop instrumental sounds really catchy and punchy. Perfect for any stylish projects. I hope you like it.

Real Gangsta

Energetic, modern and very catchy hip-hop instrumental with gangsta vibe. The beat contains very strong kick and snare drums, bongos, grand piano, beautiful bells, rubber bass, arpeggios, gated pads, pitched toms and cool synths. Perfectly suitable for rap music, action scenes, extreme sports, games...

Rocky Road

Rocky Road is a dark, creepy, aggressive and very massive hip-hop trap instrumental with a horror mood. This heavy, anxious, mysterious and scary trap beat sounds really catchy and punchy. I hope you like it.

Our Private World

Warm, beautiful, airy and very inspiring hip-hop instrumental. This light, soft, moody, dreamy and motivating track is perfect for adding emotion to your project. I hope you like it.

Urban Club Banger

Totally crazy, hot and wild hip-hop club banger! This is fresh, bouncy, energetic, optimistic and very positive hip-hop/rap instrumental with catchy melody, cool synths, dubstep bass and male voice samples. A perfect fit for any modern or urban projects. I hope you like it.

New Boss In Town (stinger)

Cool, groovy Hop Hop / Pop track with solid beat, edgy synths and vocal sample. Perfect for videos, games, presentations and advertising.

Just Chill Out (stinger)

Sexy and powerful, yet chilled modern Pop/Hip Hop track with catchy synths and solid groove. Danceable, commercial and slightly comical, this is a great feel-good track for your production.

Hip Hop In My Blood (stinger)

Groovy Hip Hop track with catchy melody, chucking guitar and solid, punchy beat. Uplifting, carefree and fun! Perfect for cool modern background music for videos, games, commercials etc.

Happy As A Clam (stinger)

Funny, simple Pop/Hip Hop track with cool groove, catchy whistle melody and chucking guitar. Great for light-hearted, comical music to put a smile on people’s faces!

Bach Badinerie DARK HIP HOP (stinger)

Edgy and powerful modern Hip Hop rendition of Bach’s classic tune: Badinerie. Groovy beat, catchy hook and dark strings give this track a fresh, modern twist on a classical piece.

Expressive Performance

This is beautiful and very melodic R&B hip-hop tune with nice piano fills, deep bass, light strings and catchy groove. Good background music for any performance videos, advertising, commercials or other Video, Media, Youtube, Slide-Show, Radio, TV, Internet projects.

Halloween Ghost Trap

This is a dark, creepy, spooky and very intensive halloween trap music with scary melody. This quirky, mysterious and haunting music fits perfectly to any project about halloween. Suitable for halloween themes, horrors, thrillers, games, hip-hop and rap, animations, halloween advertising, soundtrack...


Trapped is a heavy, aggressive, confident and very powerful trap beat with a dark vibe. This modern, catchy and very energetic trap instrumental fit perfectly for your projects. I hope you like it.

Going Nowhere

Light, soft, warm, atmospheric and very inspiring hip-hop instrumental. This beautiful, airy, dreamy, moody and motivating track is perfect for adding emotion to your project. I hope you like it.

Mind Trap

Mind Trap is a very intense, modern, dark and aggressive trap style instrumental. The beat contains 808 sub-bass kick drums, claps, fast hi hats, pads, leads, strings, synths, bells, hits, arpeggios, electric guitars and cool sound effects. Perfectly suitable for rap music, action scenes, extreme sp...

Powerful Intro

Powerful strings, powerful drums, powerful piano – this is Powerful Intro! This composition can serve as a good introductory part for your project. I hope you like it.

Next Time

Positive, energetic and very catchy hip-hop track. This modern and punchy instrumental contains pads, bass, electric guitar, vocal chops, brass, urban drums, fast hi-hats and cool synths. Perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music,...

Double Trap

Electronic, modern, emotional and very inspirational hip-hop instrumental. Perfectly suitable for background music, video projects, websites, games, podcasts, commercials, soundtracks, films and motion graphics. I hope you like it.


Mysterious, angry, somber, scary and very slow hip-hop instrumental. Suitable for your dark projects. I hope you like it.


Be careful! This one is hot! Modern, catchy and very energetic street banger. Great for rappers, documentaries, backgrounds, websites, films, games, presentations, animations, commercials and other projects. I hope you like it.

Yann Keerim
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