Hip-Hop Royalty Free Music

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Parking Ticket (loop)

Funky syncopated underscore with fender rhodes, funk guitar , wah clavinet and male rap and female background vocals.

High Technologies

This is deep and emotional r&b music with warm and beautiful sound and catchy drums groove. Cool and easy piano chords with deep and atmospheric bass, strings and synth pads create modern background music. This track can perfectly fit for any kind of Media, Video, YouTube, Radio, Promo, Presentation...

Deluxe Design

This is smooth chill trap music with beautiful and catchy modern sound. Nice synth pluck fills with cool and pop harmonies, atmospheric pads together with bouncy bass and groovy drum beat create perfect background for any kind of Media, Video, YouTube, Radio, Promo, Presentations, Commercials, Adver...

With Gentle Expression

This is beautiful and elegant romantic music with warm atmosphere in modern hip-hop groove. Dreamy piano fills together with nice choir pad and strings, deep bass together with catchy drums create contemporary background music with light cool sound. This track can perfectly fit for any kind of Media...

Smooth Hip-Hop

Smooth hip-hop track for background, GoPro, backstage, promotion, commercial, advertising video, youth advertising, photo collage and photo slideshow, cute video, other urban and street lifestyle video.

New Boss In Town (60 sec) v1

Cool, groovy Hop Hop / Pop track with solid beat, edgy synths and vocal sample. Perfect for videos, games, presentations and advertising.

Hip Hop In My Blood (60 sec)

Groovy Hip Hop track with catchy melody, chucking guitar and solid, punchy beat. Uplifting, carefree and fun! Perfect for cool modern background music for videos, games, commercials etc.

Happy As A Clam (60 sec)

Funny, simple Pop/Hip Hop track with cool groove, catchy whistle melody and chucking guitar. Great for light-hearted, comical music to put a smile on people’s faces!

Stylish Shape

This is stylish hip-hip music with catchy beat and cool sound. Main instruments are groovy drums, piano, strings and synth bass. Nice rhythmic piano fills together with bass melody and warm strings create contemporary pop atmosphere. This track can perfectly fit for any kind of Media, Video, YouTube...

Workout at Tony

Spacious urban groove with sub pulsating bass line, ambient piano and gated synths

Vintage Vinyl Store

Urban groove build around a funky guitar phrase with acoustic piano,acoustic bass and syncopated acoustic drums.

Sunglasses for Tough Guys

A slow lush groove with jazzy guitar, electric piano,clavinet and syncopated synth bass

Sophisticated Sneekers

A medium tempo with delayed guitars, gated synths and melodic synths

Slick Dress

Pensive lonely urban theme with fender rhodes, was guitar and slow electronic syncopated beat

Lipstick Galore

Lush spacious funky underscore with a pulsating synth bass and fat synth pads

Kids Clothes

A mellow pulsating hip hop groove with acoustic piano and acoustic bass

This Is My Time

Every dog has it’s day. This is my time! Inspirational, motivational, modern and very catchy hip-hop/rap instrumental with nice melody. I hope you like it.

Dirty South

This is a modern, fresh, hot and very energetic dirty south style instrumental. I hope you like it.

Ave Maria HIP HOP (with piano)

Groovy, modern Hip Hop version of Bach’s classic Ave Maria. Cool beat, piano and lush strings create this unique approach to a timeless classic. Great for relaxing, chill out background track with a contemporary feel.

Yann Keerim
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