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Mysterious Crime Underscore

A dark, disturbing hybrid tension track, featuring floating pads, distorted electric guitar textures, threatening bass, bowed cymbals and uneasy percussion. Styled for crime story underscore and detective film background or any kind of suspenseful scene. True crime, cold case, evidence, dark dealing...

Futuristic Fashion Technology Logo Intro

A futuristic, corporate and electronic short logo music track with an industrial feel. It features synths and percussion. Perfect for idents, animated intros or outros, transitions, tech product related video content, IT, software, game shows, gameplay clip opening and more!

Elegant Digital Logo Intro

An elegant and bright logo music track with a minimalistic short melodic theme. Perfect for TV or web projects, technology-related video production, trademark animation, advertising, commercials, marketing clips, IT, computer software-related promotional content, titles, intro sequences and more!

Logo Opener

An abstract and mysterious logo track with acoustic guitar and bowed strings. Perfect for show openers, podcast intros, short advertising clips, commercials, brand animations, business projects, corporate content, computer software presentation, technology-related video production and more!

Logo Jet Intro

A dynamic, futuristic and intense logo track with an industrial feel. It features electronic sound effects and trills. Perfect for gaming content, trailers, marketing, short ads, hi-tech product promos, intro/outro video sequences, or animations and more!

Ambient Reveal Logo

An elegant logo track with an inspiring mood. It features a gentle piano melody and atmospheric synths. Perfect for idents, logo reveals, intro sequences, openers, marketing, branding, product ads and promos, TV and radio advertising, commercials, short corporate videos and more!

Hard Choices

Contemplative acoustic loopable track with duo acoustic guitars. Deep and thought provoking. Suitable for dramatic content and tv/film programming

Out Of Options

Contemplative acoustic loopable track with duo acoustic guitars. Suspenseful and somber. Suitable for tv/film underscore, dramatic vlogs and documentaries, and dramatic commercials/ads

Time Dilation

A riveting & contemplative classical guitar ensemble track that creats a tense, troubled vibe suitable for tv/film dramas and dramatic content like crime & investigation

Slow Reveal

tension cue with an "unveiling" or bewildered vibe. Pads, keys, and ambient effects gives slow suspenseful feeling. Great as underscore for tv/film programming such as crime and investigation, horror, suspense, and documentaries

Red Handed

Dual solo guitars with a determined spy action type espionage vibe. Percussion is added in the middle of the tune. Great for TV/Film with crime or investigative theme

Problem Solver

Tension cue for suspense, mystery and crime dramas. Guitar orchestrated arrangement with a ticking element that resolves in a climactic end with big orchestral drums


An intimate & suspenseful classical guitar ensemble track with ambient textures and ominous vibe. With baritone guitar as main lead, Suitable for tv/film underscore and promos trailers


A ticking & invoking classical guitar ensemble track that creats an uneasy, unsettling vibe suitable for tv/film trailers & dramas, dramatic content like crime & investigation
Yann Keerim
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