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Acoustic Indie Cinematic - Loop Version

This one is a background acoustic music soundtrack for wedding videos, romantic scenes or childhood memories project. It also works best for motivational inspirational videos, corporate presentations, websites, slideshows, videos on YouTube. Features electric and acoustic guitars, bass and piano. Th...

Life is Beautiful

Instrumental positive and inspirational acoustic music, composed for acoustic and steel guitars, piano, strings and drums. Great for happy and cheerful situations in films, tv series and clips.

Inspiring Ambent Bright Acoustic

fresh and clean inspiring Ambent styled music track with a beautiful happy acoustic corporate sound, corporate motivational vibes and steady confident rhythm and atmosphere that will help you to make your corporate or other project really stand out and. It will be a perfect choice for a corporate na...

Epic EDM Club

With its crispy slightly distorted synths, beat and highly melodic vibe this modern epic EDM track is very useful for serious type content. The piece gives a sense of accomplishment for significant technological achievements for example. It can also be used as background music when streaming your fa...

Rising Star

Orchestral hybrid cinematic trailer music with pulsing synths, string ostinatos, vocal background harmony, trailer effects, deep brass bed and emotional strings. Great background track for your next Film, TV, Game or Advertising project.

Inspiring Glitch Technology

A piece of abstract corporate inspirational music featuring technology and glitched sounds. Also featuring mind-blowing synth and ethereal voice synth, noise sounds and light harmonics atmospheric melodies, perfect for your creative futuristic and technology video project or new product presentatio...

Easy Emotional Dance

Motivational music track with arpeggiated synth melodies backed up with some nice piano and strings. Simple and tight beat with a pleasant bassline. Suitable for cinematic media, modern lifestyle, games or inspirational / motivational content.

Nice Afternoon Walk

Instrumental positive and easy acoustic music made for acoustic guitars, piano, glockenspiel, strings, drums and strings, perfect for happy and joyous scenes in films and tv series. Also great for advertising, commercials and documentaries in similar optimistic contemplative situations.

Noble Banquet

An instrumental orchestral Waltz track with an elegant vibe. Perfect for film soundtracks or ads.

At Last at Home

An instrumental orchestral track with a nostalgic and funny mood. Perfect for film soundtracks or ads.

Inspirational lite rock with violin

Inspirational track with dramatic mood. Perfect background for your video or multimedia projects. Perfect uses could include: music for Inspirational videos, a scene involving sporting, music to go over images of cosmos and nature scenes etc.
Yann Keerim
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