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Inspiration beautiful background track. Perfect for advertisements, slideshows, promos, presentations, podcasts, travel videos, YouTube, and more

City Lights

Commercial background track for advertising and presentations, hi-tech, innovations, corporate video, science and any more.


Epic, exciting and dangerous action trailer. Perfect for teasers, games, trailers, movies, promos, video editing, presentations and more!


Perfect for films, movies, product promos, documentary films, product trailers, photomontages, various video projects, presentations, etc…

A Life in Adventure

Perfect for heroic trailer, advertising, opening, adventure movie, motivational presentation, car show, game, promotional video, landscape video, car advertising, film score, TV ad, YouTube, self presentation, social theme related video and many more!

The Jade Forest

The jade forest appears before my eyes, a resplendent green. We then feel the magic that sets in with the piano and the warm strings.

Background Project

A light, upbeat, corporate, background, motivational music track with a pleasant, calm, inspiring, innovative and peaceful mood. Electronic sounds, guitars, piano, strings, pad. This track is perfect for corporate projects, advertising, radio, TV, trailers, innovation videos, presentation, technolog...

Inspiring Uplifting Motivational Corporate Pop

Known as "Real Champion" An inspiring and uplifting corporate music with electric guitars, piano, soft synth and drum kick featuring. Good for ads, business promo, sport, success achievement, real estate, inspiring moments, and many more.

Island Sunshine

Get ready to infuse your projects with a burst of tropical joy with 'Island Sunshine'! This upbeat and corporate-friendly track combines the cheerful sounds of Hawaii-style ukuleles, lively guitars, a catchy whistle melody, warm drums, and an overall happy tune. Perfect for corporate videos, adverti...

Warm Acoustic

Perfect acoustic music for inspirational videos, commercials, advertising, documentaries, presentations, TV, YouTube, slideshows, film, trailers, romantic videos, wedding videos, travel and pet and animal shows, art projects, real estate, vlogs, content, family videos, natural beauty, summer, and mo...

Successful Business

Perfect background music for your business promotion video. Music with electric and acoustic guitars with pop and rock music influences. Uplifting and inspiring music for commercials, presentations.

Inspiring Corporate

Elevate your project with ‘Inspiring Corporate,’ a dynamic and motivating track perfect for a variety of applications. Featuring live acoustic guitar, this uplifting piece is ideal for advertising, timelapse, high-tech videos, NFT, crypto, industrial, digital, and information technology projects...


Music for inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects! Perfect for travel videos, inspiring commercials, uplifting advertising, adventure filmmaking, dynamic and emotional video content for social media.

Uplifting Logo

An uplifting, inspirational, and motivational sound logo that conveys a bright, hopeful, and positive message. Perfect for corporate branding, manufacturing, advertisements, introduction videos, web content, anime, games, radio, and TV programs.

Epic Cinematic Inspiring Movie

'Epic Cinematic Inspiring Movie' is a cinematic background music track that will take you on an emotional journey. Starting with a melancholic piano melody, the piece gradually builds up with the addition of string and brass sections, creating a suspenseful and dramatic atmosphere. Before the tra...


A hybrid orchestral track with a melodic piano opening and a second part with strings ostinati, percussion and brass melody, leading to a heroic full orchestra climax. Great for documentaries, films, videos, presentations and other productions.

Future Is Bright

Track created to underscore documentaries on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology, but also Sci Fi shorts, movies, videogames, podcast, commercials. An EDM song which, after a vaguely mysterious start, turns out to be optimistic, positive, with brilliant sounds, to illustrate the great benef...
Yann Keerim
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