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Tropical Summer

Light tropical house with an inspiring mood. A soft flute and atmospheric progressions give an uplifting mood and inspiration. This music is good for travel videos, fitness videos, commercials, as well as great vlogs and other creative ideas.

Stay Dancing

An energetic, assertive track with a joyful and inspiring mood. The saxophone solo gives the track a twist, while the upbeat piano and deep bass emphasize the individuality of the composition. Mute guitars spice up the music with interesting parts. Interesting effects and transitions evoke sublime e...

Breeze Of The Future

Energetic and assertive future bass with a summery and joyful mood. This track is perfect for videos about sports, recreation, travel, fitness, technology, cars, show as well as for advertising and other creative ideas.


For the third piece of Hane I invited two great musicians and friends. Tamer Temel played soprano and tenor sax and Dimitris Klonis was featured on drums and electronics. It is a composition that sprung out of jamming on a quite polyrhythmic but danceable rhythm. After writing the B and C parts I th...

Foley Odyssey

A Glitch Hop original mix using a variety of foley and sound design such as birds chirping, ocean waves which features lots of sound ideas that come from nature, it also incorporates electronic elements like sample based synth and vocal chops.

Fashion Summer

Energetic and punchy music with elements of funk with piano, saxophone, deep bass, brass, electric guitar. This track is well suited for videos about cars, fashion, travel, sports as well as for advertising, entertainment shows, various vlogs and other creative ideas.

Technology Epic

Epic music in contemporary sound. The composition is filled with elements of cinematography and tech with piano, violins, mute guitar. This track would work well for videos about travel, technology, education, cars, as well as commercials, various vlogs and other creative ideas.

Cyber Electro

Energetic, dynamic and modern music with punching drum and bass, modern synthesizers, electric guitar. This track is well suited for videos about sports, cars, technology, as well as for various vlogs, advertisements and other creative ideas.
Yann Keerim
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