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Nature Wedding - 15 seconds promotional corporate edit

Romantic and elegant solo piano instrumental featuring a grand acoustic piano. The mood is light, positive and joyful. Nature Wedding could be used for wedding ceremony, engagement scene or other happy situations. Romance, joy, love, passion, quiet emotional moments, inspiring, motivational.

Quiet Romance - 30 seconds promotional motivational edit

Beautiful romantic and heartwarming solo piano instrumental - feauturing mellow and sensitive acoustic piano. The mood is quiet, soft, hopeful and sensitive. Great for peaceful sweet situations, warm positive moments of romance and as calm background music for TV, Film or corporate presentations.

Driving Inspiring Corporate Success - stylish 60 seconds promotional edit

Uplifting and positive corporate background instrumental feauturing driving gritty guitar arpeggio, warm majestic piano, smooth synth and acoustic strings. This motivational music creates an atmosphere of success, winning, achieving, innovation and inspiration. Great for business presentation videos...

Inspiration Motivation Corporate Uplifting promotional advert loop edit

Driving, elegant and acoustic corporate music with a positive and inspiring mood. Light guitar, subtle drums and warm acoustic piano makes it great for business presentations, forward motion music, corporate promos and commercials. Simple, success, motivation, mellow music bed, optimistic, triumphan...

Summer Adventure Journey

Composer: artsygoat
Atmospheric, uplifting, upbeat and energetic indie pop-folk summer track, confident, soft, optimistic and hopeful with fresh and dreamy vibe, feel good and laid back mood, comes along with an organic composition featuring piano, acoustic guitars, marimba plucks, hand claps, palm muted guitar, electr...

Pop Electro Dance

Composer: Sebastien Marchand
Pop Electro Dance is an energetic, motivational pop electro track. This uplifting dance piece is great for many kind of projects: promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, movie trailers, film scores, TV ads, YouTube videos, corporate presentations and more.

Motivational Corporate Uplifting Inspiration

Composer: artsygoat
Motivational Corporate Uplifting Inspiration is a highly motivated and uplifting track with hopeful, beautiful, fresh and energetic vibe, inspiring piano and guitar lines and progressions, catchy and memorable guitar melody, upbeat and groovy drums and bass and its aim is to lead you to the top of y...

Technology Vision

Composer: Paul Werner
Industrial music with high tech sounds and mesmerizing melodies – perfect for promotional videos

Indie Folk

Composer: artsygoat
Upbeat, uplifting and motivational indie acoustic folk track with emotional and inspirational feel, beautiful, hopeful, optimistic and positive mood. Instruments feature, acoustic guitars, atmospheric choir (Mmm), ethereal indie vocals (Ooo, Eee), “Hey” chants, crowd hand claps, upbeat drums an...

Uplifting Atmospheric and Inspiring Corporate

Composer: artsygoat
Ambient, atmospheric, inspiring, upbeat and uplifting corporate background music with chill, confident and beautiful vibes and aura, motivational, energetic and dreamy feel, featuring electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, drums, hand claps, atmospheric pads, ’’Hey’’ vocal chants, electron...

Techno Punk Indie Rock

Composer: Sebastien Marchand
Punk and indie rock track with a twist of techno featuring real and electro instruments (electric guitars, bass, acoustic drum, drum machine, keyboards and effects). This uplifting and motivational track is great for many kind of projects: promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, movie trail...

Inspiring Epic Cinematic Piano

Composer: Sebastien Marchand
Epic and cinematic track featuring orchestral instruments (strings, piano, horns, choir, timpani, etc...). This inspiring track is great for many kind of projects: promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, movie trailers, film scores, TV ads, YouTube videos and more.

Big Business

Composer: Michael Adels
A powerful string and guitar arrangement emphasizes the big business. The song is uplifting, energetic and positive. Perfect for corporate videos or presentations.

Golden Memories

Composer: Michael Adels
A friendly guitar theme guides through the relaxed rhythm with piano elements and string melodies. A hopeful song with slightly melancholic feel.

Corporate 46

Composer: Michael Adels
A positive and strong track for your successful projects. Suits perfect in any corporate video. Powerful strings and piano brings to imagination images of business success, productivity, sales and growth. This inspirational song is great for any business related production looking for an uplifting c...

Rising Vision

Composer: Michael Adels
An evolving track with a synth arpeggio that guides through an arrangement of modern dubstep drums combined with acoustic toms, emotional strings and percussion. Visions, inventions, new and exciting products need the right mood and attention.

Corporate Success

Composer: Michael Adels
Optimistic and uplifting song with rising instrumentation. Friendly arpeggio theme, soft synth strings, electric and acoustic guitar, drums. Very versatile track for a wide range of applications: corporate video, slideshows, presentations and much more.

Digital World

Composer: Michael Adels
Modern and futuristic sounding corporate track for many applications like imagevideos, slideshows, explainervideos and many more.
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