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Awkward Situations

Quirky and playful music with pizz strings, jazzy piano, jingling percussions and mallets. Underscoring dramedy situations on TV shows, sitcoms, and documentary. Suggesting the idea of unexpected, like a genius solution or, on the contrary, an embarassing moment.

Precision Engineering

Electronic ambient music with a focused, introspective mood. Featuring pulsing synths, echoing guitars, glitchy percussions and chillstep drums. Perfect for science related productions, technology and design videos, explainers, documentaries.

No time to die-Die another day

Loud spy track with guitar, symphonic and drums. Modernised with cool beats and some rock elements. Perfect for trailers, game videos, adv.

Cartoon Logo

Funny and cartoon intro logo on the credits or episode. Instruments: marimba, glockenspiel, clarinet, harp, children's percussion, trumpet all this creates a funny, comedic image.

Funny Creature

Funny creature track gives play and movement. Out-of-tune piano and piano string effects as well as stringed and wooden instruments in an assortment. they create a fervent and positive mood. Perfect for short cartoons and funny characters for screensavers.

Funny Little Men

A funny, light, minimalistic, game track using synthesizer sounds. It will fit perfectly into a cartoon, a game video, a video game.

Hi-Tech Logo

A sparkling and contemporary sounding corporate logo, with stylish synthesizers, minimalist beats and an elegant cello line giving it a warm and comfortable feeling. Use it as an inspiring intro for your videos.

Cartoon Funny Spy - 2

The continuation of a fun, cartoon, detective track created for your animated video characters. Heroes are super agents who investigate mysterious crimes. Make your video successful and noticeable! Let's create together! P.S. You can also listen to the 1st episode of the "Cartoon Funny Spy" here: ht...

Reflections and Considerations

Calm and reflective background track enhancing an interesting and curious atmosphere. Will work really well as a cue in documentaries, corporate videos, podcasts, or other media seeking a friendly rich tone.

Analyzing Results Tension Cue

An inspiring background track slowly building up in excitement as if someone is getting answers to their questions. The track consists of marimba, piano, synthesizer pads, ticking sounds and more. Composed and produced to give your production a consistent high quality score.

Trendy Intro

A smooth and elegant track, made of drums, bass, electro and synth sounds that make it a useful music for your corporate, news and technology projects.

Chill Intro

A short track made of electro and synth sounds that make it a useful intro for your corporate, news and technology projects.

Soft Logo

A soft and easy corporate logo, with warm piano and pizzicato strings. Use it as an inspiring intro for your videos.
Yann Keerim
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