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Stylish Deep Electronic

Modern, Abstract, Future Bass This is a modern abstract future bass track with pop chords, future beat, beautiful background atmospheres, and vocal samples. Chill mood. Suitable for any kind of projects: commercials, advertisements and presentations, montages and technology videos, TV, web and o...

Midnight Synthwave

This futuristic synthwave track is inspired by 80’s and played by analog retro synths,drum machines and soprano sax. It is perfectly sufficient for game video, presentation, movies, slideshow, time-lapse, commercial, advertising, games, as a background music in blogs (instagram, youtube, vimeo, fa...

Chill Coffee

Meditation Lounge, Chill Hip Hop, Dreamy Music Indulge in a moment of tranquility with this captivating chillhop masterpiece. The subtle, minimalistic beats and atmospheric melodies seamlessly blend to create an immersive experience that exudes relaxation and calmness. Ideal for commercials, corpor...

Atmospheric Strings

Powerful cinematic inspiring orchestral epic soundtrack. Perfect for trailer, intro, wedding and nature videos, opener, teaser, promo, film, event, slideshow, movie, documentary, sport video. Instruments: piano, cello, violins, strings, horns, brass, drums.

Lo-Fi Ambient

It’s very suitable for images of nature, remote landscapes, or even urban scenery as seen from the perspective of a flying camera. It’s also a good fit for documentaries, time lapse videos and any footage that requires a spacey or dreamy soundtrack. With the increasing popularity and availabi...

Dreamy Futuristic

Deep Chillwave Tech Future Garage is a high-tech electronic track featuring atmospheric chords, soft textures with deep bass and trendy future garage percussion with Burial-like vocal samples. Good for advertising, business, youtube, vlogging, vlogs, vimeo, instagram, fashion, background music, urba...

Branding Atmospheric

Inspiring Beauty is a high-tech electronic track featuring futuristic synths, soft textures and trendy future garage beat. This track will approach for: vlogging, vlogs, workout, fitness videos, health and body, diet, cooking food, eating, makeup tutorial, beauty tutorial, lifestyle, unboxing, produ...

Motivation Energy

Its a happy summer bright pop track with catchy and exciting fresh sound. This upbeat summer music brings together positive chords, energetic electro pop beat, uplifting vocal samples and inspiring guitar.

Happy Beach

This is inspirational, light and positive track. Perfect for slideshow, fashion, holidays, business and travel videos, motivational presentations.

Guitar Hop

“Abstract Design” is beautiful and inspiring, future sounding, atmospheric electronic background music with digital sound effects that will work great with UX / UI design promo, digital art, technologies, science, slideshow, tutorial, reviews and promo videos. Perfect for: graphic design trainin...

Lifestyle Electronic

This is Fashion Beauty Beat! An upbeat fashion lounge track featuring played by piano lounge chord progression played by piano, a driving beat with clapping and percussion, bass, strings, and synth. Inspiring and atmospheric lounge track. Perfect for elegant backgrounds, makeup tutorials, fashion re...

Winter Retrowave

Winter, nostalgic royalty free synthwave track with analog synths, 80’s inspired drums and basses, ideal for promos, games, sports clips, vlogs or films.

Lo-Fi Emotional Beat

Lo-fi hip-hop background track featuring ruined and tape smeared pianos riffs, vinyl crackles, chilled drums and chopped vocal samples. The mood is minimalist, melancholic and relaxed, faithful to the lo-fi aesthetic.

Winter DnB

Suitable for montages, business videos and openers, science, medical, technology, travel, lifestyle and health videos. Also good for startup, app, promos, explainers, uplifting and inspiring projects, video games and corporate presentations. Main genre: guitar, inspiration, marketing, motivation, ho...

Winter Calm

Introducing “Lo-Fi Warm Calm Coffee Shop” – a captivating and nostalgic lo-fi hip-hop music track perfect for vlogs, travel videos, lifestyle content, urban footages, and more. Immerse your audience in a warm and cozy atmosphere with its soulful melodies, soothing beats, and vintage samples. T...

Ethnic Beat

Modern trap with ethnic elements for your projects.

Dreamy Chilly Hop

A relaxing and easy lo-fi/hip hop track featuring electric guitar, percussion, electronic beats, keys and synth. Great for vlogs, time lapse, fashion, instagram, lounge, urban content and more!

Old Synthwave

Melodic track in retro dance style 80s all knowledge as retrowave or synthwave. Plunge into the atmosphere of the night city, neon lights and hot summer sun on the beaches of the Miami. I used the sounds of vintage drum machines, analog synthesizers.

Dance House

“Dance House” is stylish, minimalistic, fashionable, energetic, sexy, modern, upbeat and aggressive future techno music with house elements which perfectly fits fashion music, fashion commercial, sexy background, luxury videos, futuristic technology advertising, brutal video, cosmetics brand, fa...

Chill Garage

Cinematic electronics A powerful epic electronic track with a modern inspiring atmosphere and deep percussion. Perfect for: Short film Teasers Scientific presentation Science fiction Space video
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