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Fashion Chill Hip-Hop

This is a trendy background stylish fashion hip-hop with a chill vibe. This stylish light hip-hop beat is good for fashion commercial, travel background, travel vlog, summer travel, road travel, urban city video, time-lapse video, drone footage, drone fly video, lingerie commercial, beauty video blo...

City Of Dreams - Ambient Hopeful Relaxation

Ultra Cool, Urban, Melodic rap/hiphop/urban track with pleasant saxophone and genuinely chill fashion sound. Bouncey and groovey drums, warm bass line, playful saxes, quirky and hypnotic guitars and some lovely rhodes piano chords! Perfect for all sorts of projects, like: - fashion tv, prom...

City Is Mine - Easygoing Urban Boom Bap

Highly inspirational, positive, light and groove dripped Boom Bap audio background! Fonky Guitars, Warm Disco Chords, Fashionable Trumpets, Groovey Percussion and Drums, plus an Infectious bassline to top this fashion audio background off! Perfect for fashion, catwalk, make up, sports, travel, g...

Designer Apparel

An atmospheric and stylish electronic music track. It features synths, drums, percussion and vocal effects. Perfect for fashion video content, urban footage, vlogging, advertising, commercials, marketing, branding, promotional videos, technology, travel videos, or sports.

Exotic Beach

A chillout Future Bass track that expresses the night of a city near an exotic beach. The song has a flowy groovy vibe, incorporates ethnic instruments such as dulcimer, with deep flowed future bass, electronica drums, foleys, and female vocal chops.

Action Heroes And Stunts - Aggressive Power Trap

Powerful, Action Packed, Triumphant, Dark and Dramatic audio background with a tremendous cinematic atmosphere! Perfect for Movie Presentations, Halloween Vlogs and Videos, Make Up Tutorials, Movie trailers, travel vlogs, tech tutorials, gaming intros, sport documentaries, wedding videos, photograp...

Hit Me Up

This one is bouncy and modern, bright and upbeat. The track has a cool dancing melody and a genuine hip-hop sound. Will be perfect for demo videos, commercials, YouTube’s video, presentations, motivational clips, sports clips and of course videos about cars. Will add cool notes to gameplay video, ...

African Story

African Story is a special music background track mixing African sounds and rhythms (Kalimba, Djembe, African percussions) Mood: Inspirational, beautiful, emotional, peaceful, soundscape, atmosphere, ambient.

Scene City

Dark macabre hiphop track with boys choir, dark piano, & acoustic guitar...Ominous Depressing Vibe good for horror, mystery, and thriller content. Also good for ads and commercials

Disco Banger

Nu disco EDM track reminiscent of 70s - 80s disco groups with modern synth instruments. Plucks, disco grooves, and funky basslines. Fun happy and groovy track great as background and source music for TV/Film or Ads

It Never Rains

Energetic and rhythmic track with an urban feel that can fit very well in documentaries, commercials, or corporate presentations. In this one, you can hear soulful pianos, vintage lines, deep bass, and groovy beats.

City of Clouds

An emotional track, with piano and strings background and a lyrical cello melody creating a nostalgic atmosphere. Ideal for background music in presentations, videos, slideshows, wedding scenes and other intimate content.

Uptempo electronic track

Head back in time with this uptempo electronic track featuring eighties synthesizers and a drum machine. Great for TV, Film and Video Games in need of that retro sound.

Relaxed jazz-funk groove with lots of soul

Relaxed jazz-funk groove with lots of soul capturing an easy going urban atmosphere that will make you dance. Featuring electric bass, rhodes and electric guitar. Great for jingles, trailers, movies and adds, get this one and groove along.

Bluesy rock designed for TV or web ads

Bluesy rock designed for TV or web ads. Funky, groovy, with a 70s feel, this mid-tempo lively track is perfect for conveying a sexy, rich, yet elegant soundscape. Great for productions that require a pleasing, positive, warm vibe, with a touch of retro, such as films, commercials and Instrumental,

A melodic Warm, elegant, smooth pop track

A melodic Warm, elegant, smooth pop track with a retro funk R &B feel. Sensual and beautiful. Chilled and mellow. Great for romantic memories and enjoying a relaxed time. Classy and tasteful. for projects needing mellow, warm soulfully smooth flavor.
Yann Keerim
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