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A Great Business Deal

Instrumental uplifting music made with electric guitars, pianos, strings and drums. Ideal for corporate, commercials and advertising, also great for positive and optimistic topics in clips and product promos.

From Zero to Hero

Begin rather murky,- it quickly moves into a bright and engaging track, highlighting accomplishment and success. Second part accompanied by drums and a very bright, jolly and happy tune. Together with the glockenspiel and the military snares, this sets a great feeling of content and uplift. Ideal fo...

Butter Cake

Beautifully progressing instrumental track, positive and friendly. Beginning rather suspensful, yet quickly evolving into a very bright and melodiously track full of heart and tenderness. Ideal for show opener, theme music, underscore or bright uplifting cues with a touch of adventure.

Ingredients Arriving

Very tender and sweet little light track full of heart, positivity and uplift. This orchestral track can perfectly set the romantic mood for show openers, underscore or theme.

Vegetarian Pastry

Very beautiful and heartwarming instrumental track, romantically arranged with the orchestra, dressed with strings, woodwinds and piano. This glamarous track can be ideal for the festive mood, opener, or any other positive light, uplifting or motivating cues.

Sweets and Candy

Very happy and joyful track full of beauty, melody and uplift. The track plays with a delightful theme and develops with the full orchestra. Best suited for joyful moments, happy themes or show openers and tv.

Kindliness (Cheerful upbeat music)

Light spring music with an optimistic atmosphere and a cheerful mood. Combined with presentations, social, training videos, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.

The Most Successful Traders

Instrumental corporate music made for acoustic and electric guitars, strings and pianos, ideal for commercials, advertising and promos. Also great for any productions with optimistic, tech & science and positive success topics.

Simple Days

A cheerful yet simple music track with guitar, upright bass, pizzicato strings, and chimes with good melody. Good for projects about simple, intimate moments in life. Four versions are available: Full version (1:10) 30-second version (0:25) 15-second version (0:14) Stinger

Minimal Ambient Tech

A mellow minimal alternative music track with a touch of anticipation and calmness. It evokes feelings of smooth positivity and inspiration. Featuring percussive grooves and synth melodies. Included versions: Main track, 60 second version, 30 second version, 15 second version

Gritty Happy Upbeat Rock

Energetic and positive rock track featuring uplifting electric guitars, bouncy rock bass, positive claps and energetic hard rock drums. Featuring a driving rock riff and upbeat drums accompanied by claps and gritty melody, it will prove to be more than perfect for your dynamic commercials, promos, s...

Happy and Cheerful

A high guitar melody alongside a whistling tune brings to mind an upbeat jaunt through a modern Wild West. It’s Happy & Cheerful, all right, but it’s also friendly and helpful. This is a fantastic track for an image film to highlight customer-centric values. It’s all optimism and hard work!

Original ideas (Cheerful upbeat electronic)

A fun composition with synthesizers, bass and drums, which creates a positive atmosphere and an optimistic mood. The composition is combined with optimistic, encouraging, educational, social videos, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.
Yann Keerim
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