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Funky Logo

Funky Logo is a cool and groovy logo track with a funky drum beat and bass guitar, a stylish mute guitar and choppy guitar chords. Ideal for radio talk show intro, logo, logotype, commercial, advertising, radio, TV, product promotion, series, scene transition, movie, marketing, car ad, daily vlogs, ...

The Lovin' Funk

Slick, sexy pop with chilled vibes, dressed in style and a huge slice of funky. Featuring electric guitars, bass, chill organ, brass, drums, hand claps and percussion. Perfect for advertising, commercials, summer, night life, parties, fashion shoots, slick videos, Ibiza, dancing/clubbing videos, ho...

When It Rains It Pours

Chill and laidback hip hop background music, with a backdrop of rainy nature sounds. A cool piano part, mixed with chopped vocals, airy synths and guitars and a slick bass line! Perfect for fashion videos, travel videos, Vlogs, drone footage, cooking videos and more! 3 versions available!

Getting Up

A cool and stylish opener, with smooth house drums and catchy synth sounds. Perfect for vlogs, Youtube channels, Instagram, podcasts, influencers and other social media applications.

Smooth Cocktail

Smooth Cocktail is a Smooth Jazz track with groovy uplifting drums, sassy keyboards, and a slick guitar melody. Perfect for elegant video presentations or video projects.

Good Morning Sunshine

An uplifting ultra smooth jazz track featuring cool piano, grooving bass, drums and a slick horn section.

Pop Funky

Stylish Pop with funky guitars and a big club beat! Summer, Miami and nightlife are a few of the scenes that come to mind when listening to this song. Featuring electric guitars, bass, synth, drums, hand claps and percussion. Perfect for summer advertising, night life, parties, fashion shoots, slic...
Yann Keerim
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