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Horror Industrial Drone Background

Dark atmospheric horror background track consisting of industrial sounds, brooding effects and ticking. Perfect to use in the background of a game, movie, documentary or any other production seeking a dark evil suspenseful tone. Will work really well in first person shooters or horror games as ...

Spy Eye

New modern spy track in the style of garage rock. Interesting groove, catchy reef, exciting development of the composition. All in the style of spy movies. The composition is easily divided into several short tracks.

Mysterious Investigation Theme Ident

Dark and ominous suspenseful theme that builds to a climax. The piano motif is easily recognizable and therefore perfect to use as a leader for documentaries or other investigative productions. My portfolio is protected by Identifyy. After you buy a license to one of my tracks it is extremely easy ...

Dirty Contacts

Dirty, vicious connections. What can they lead to? Only to crime. Meet our new track, to sound criminal series or movie. Composition keeps in suspense from start to finish. The track is performed in a trendy Dark Trap style. The archive has two versions: - Full version: 2:31 - No voice fx version: ...


Cool trap track, powerful chorus, holding in suspense. This is the music of the streets, this is the music of the ghetto, this is the music of protest. This music encourages to move forward and win.

Crime Trap

Crime gangsta trap. The most current musical style of the 21st century. Music of the streets, music of the ghetto, music of the underground. Stylish, fashionable, modern. Suitable for both advertising and video blogs. Powerful bass, sharp beat.
Yann Keerim
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