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Fragile Earth

Plaintive, emotional piano-based piece which is designed for visuals with references to climate change, natural disasters and ecological challenges. Very slow piano chords hint at a sense of desolation and foreboding. Backing textures hint at urgency and increasing danger. A rising string phrase tow...

Riddle of the Old Library

Picture yourself in an ancient library with its dark furniture, musty small and dusty tomes about to reveal secrets from the past. This fantasy-styled piece has a hint of a Harry Potter-style adventure, with slightly creepy descending tremolo strings and mystical backing voices, but never veering to...


A Dystopian style soundscape with glitching audio and altered vocals that builds into a noisy guitar piece.


Soft and positive string orchestra background music suitable for corporate videos and business presentation as well as traveling visuals, TV commercial and promo pack etc.

Cinematic (Beauty Of Feelings)

This is very light, sentimental and soft music track with slow thoughtful and airy mood. Delightful piano harmony with orchestral instruments creates gentle, inspiring and love music background. Enveloping and carefree atmosphere allows think and dream about the most romantic and pure moments.


A soft piano track with strings background, leading to an emotional orchestral climax. Ideal for background music in videos, emotional scenes, presentations, or whenever a soft and sentimental atmosphere is needed.

Last Chance at Love

A melancholic piano and strings track with a soft and sparse melody creating a nostalgic atmosphere. Great for background music in videos, presentations, films and various other sentimental content.

Telling A Story

Inspiring, emotional piano piece. Great for emotional content, nature videos, lovely stories or film score

To the Battlefield

Epic cinematic orchestral trailer music for soundtrack with adventure mood. Perfect choice for games, cinematic background, promos, intro, presentations and many more

East Asia

Ethnic and atmospheric asian music! Perfect for projects with ethnic color of Asia. This ethereal music will create outstanding atmosphere and mood in your projects. Enjoy the spirit of East Asia!

Last Confession (Ambient Emotional Piano)

A calm and nostalgic piano melody creating a very sentimental atmosphere, ideal for background music in sentimental videos and films, presentations, emotional scenes and other projects requiring a soft and relaxing atmosphere.
Yann Keerim
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