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Conglomerate - Bright Inspiring Corporate Music

This corporate music piece seamlessly integrates lively percussion and pulsating synths, crafting an atmosphere charged with energy and motion. With its driving rhythm and catchy melodies, it's perfect for adding excitement to any project, from business presentations to promotional videos.

Positive Inspiring Technology Background

Corporate background music track that will be perfect for new technology videos, successful business presentations, green and sustainable promotions, medical and pharmacy projects, and more

Slow Cook [Lofi Neo Soul Hip Hop Mellow Jazzy]

Slow Cook is a smooth lofi hip hop beat with neo soul vibes. Features groovy drums, keys, trumpet, vocal atmospheres and cool fxs. These Lo Fi vibes can work great with travel, cooking, vacation, real estate and vlog content.

The Last Of Us

Atmospheric cinematic sci-fi trailer music. Perfect for epic trailers, games and movies, cosmic videos, teasers, intros, presentations, thriller and promos

Don't Stop Me Now

Sounds of electro guitars, bass, drums, synth give an unforgettable light atmosphere


Epic music for trailer with brass, drums, choir and full orchestra. Powerful heroic soundtrack for your movie, video, youtube channel play.

Dance of the Galaxy

The stars dance to this rhythm. Let yourself be tempted to illustrate your videos on this intergalactic journey.

Cool Pop Funk

Introducing ‘Cool Pop Funk,’ a lively and dynamic music track that seamlessly blends infectious pop and funk elements. With upbeat vibes, catchy melodies, and funky basslines, this composition is perfect for commercials, energetic videos, and dynamic presentations. Elevate your content with the ...

Atmospheric Ambient Lofi Hip-Hop

Perfect background music for modern content creators and their vlogs, podcasts and youtube videos. Warm and atmospheric chill lounge vibe will be perfect for cool and stylish promotions, commercials and advertisements on social media.

Epic Cinematic Inspiring Movie

'Epic Cinematic Inspiring Movie' is a cinematic background music track that will take you on an emotional journey. Starting with a melancholic piano melody, the piece gradually builds up with the addition of string and brass sections, creating a suspenseful and dramatic atmosphere. Before the tra...

Deafening Silence

A calm piano track with strings background, creating a soft and sentimental atmosphere. Ideal for background music in videos, emotional scenes, wedding footage, presentations and various other projects.

Letting you Go

A calm and nostalgic piano and cello melody creating a very sentimental atmosphere, ideal for background music in romantic videos and films, wedding scenes, emotional content and various other projects.

Unbroken Movie Trailer

Unleash the cinematic power of Movie Trailer / Unbroken, an orchestral hybrid track that captivates with its grandeur and intensity. Epic soundscapes and dynamic hybrids converge, crafting a mesmerizing sonic journey. Perfect for trailers, commercials, and soundtracks, this track creates a thrilling...


Ambient cinematic music with beautiful instruments and synths. Perfect for documentary projects, films, television, inspirational videos and any motivational video.

Love Story

Love Story is a soft, orchestral track that beautifully captures the essence of love and wedding memories. Its gentle, flowing melodies create an atmosphere of romance and tenderness, perfect for heartfelt moments and cherished stories

Rock Commercial

Positive Indie Pop Rock is energetic rock music with drive and dynamic atmosphere. Perfect for uplifting and inspiring videos such as advertising, marketing, product launching, vlogs, podcasts, YouTube intros, and broadcasting
Yann Keerim
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