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Whispering Love

A calm and emotional piano track with soft background strings, creating a sentimental and nostalgic atmosphere. Great for background music is videos, presentations, films and wedding content.

Love Is Blind

This track is perfect for sentimental slideshow, social and documentary vodeo, advertise, youtube blog, wedding and love story, app and other projects


Gentle piano theme with nostalgic feel and a bit of hope. Small but touching and warm piece of music good for romantic and sentimental moments in your life.

For Love

For Love" is a breathtaking emotional orchestral masterpiece. Its lush and evocative composition resonates with the raw power of love, sweeping listeners away on a journey of heartwarming beauty and stirring emotion, making it a captivating experience for the soul.

Joyful Merry Christmas

Introducing "Joyful Merry Christmas" – the perfect soundtrack to elevate your holiday spirit! This enchanting royalty-free Christmas song, adorned with cheerful jingles and a magical orchestral arrangement, captures the essence of the season. Whether you're creating a heartwarming family video, a ...

Long Way

Dramatic emotional orchestra track. Perfect for: cinematic background, nature videos, fantasy, inspirational projects, presentations and intros…

Beautiful Story

A sweet and lighthearted piano solo that is suitable as background music in film, television, wedding video, youtube, etc.


A soft and sentimental piano melody, creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Ideal for background music for presentations, drama, emotional movie scenes, documentaries, wedding videos or TV series.

Corporate Video Upbeat Background

Elevate Your Content with "Corporate Video Upbeat Background". When it comes to setting the perfect tone for your projects, "Corporate Video Upbeat Background" is your ultimate choice! This dynamic and uplifting music track is meticulously crafted to infuse your content with boundless energy, mot...


A singularly distinctive and emotionally charged theme unfolds, reminiscent of the iconic style of Hans Zimmer. With each note, it gradually intensifies, crafting a dramatic journey that culminates in a powerful crescendo, enveloping the listener in a symphony of raw, cinematic emotion.

Serene Elegance

Indulge in the mesmerizing allure of a minimal contemporary orchestral composition, perfect for enhancing the emotional depth of motivational films, evoking inspiration and passion in every note.


A soft piano track with strings background, leading to an emotional orchestral climax. Ideal for background music in videos, emotional scenes, presentations, or whenever a soft and sentimental atmosphere is needed.

Last Confession (Ambient Emotional Piano)

A calm and nostalgic piano melody creating a very sentimental atmosphere, ideal for background music in sentimental videos and films, presentations, emotional scenes and other projects requiring a soft and relaxing atmosphere.

Natural Force

A dark, organic and electronic hybrid track, featuring deep pads, emotional strings, sparkling textures and thunder fx. Styled for factual documentary background and science and technology underscore. For ads, promo, commercials, corporate, youtube videos and media projects about scientific research...

Empty Hourglass

Soft piano and strings background with a sparse violins melody, creating a calm and slow moving atmosphere. Great for background music in films, presentations, videos and other emotional content.

Stuck in a Moment

A soft piano track with strings background, creating a nostalgic and emotional vibe, ideal for wedding scenes, films, presentations and various other sentimental content.

Your Hand in Mine

A soft piano and strings track with a sentimental and nostalgic atmosphere, ideal for background music in presentations, films, wedding videos and other emotional content.

Heartfelt Emotional Accordion

Beautiful, expressive solo accordion motifs, very authentically performed. Styled for heartfelt opener, jingle, intro, stinger, logo, ident or any kind of intimate, longing scene. Gipsy wedding, balkan party, eastern flavour, overwhelming emotions, real feelings, regret, family honor, nostalgic.
Yann Keerim
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