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Minha Doce Bossa

Cool Refreshing Bossa Nova track with nylon guitar as lead, with full cocktail jazz ensemble. Warm ,summer, regal vibes that’s elegant and sweet. Great for cocktail scenes or travel vlogs


Delicate cinematic piece featuring strings and piano. Slowly and gently moving inspiring, hopeful melodies.


Ever-moving, evolving, and unpredictable piano melody, like a flight of a butterfly. Gentle, shimmering, and playful.


‘Drifting’ is an emotionally intense piano composition, made up of a series of deceptively complex arpeggios and single note melodies. It expertly fuses tension and release, with bleak harmonies giving way to sudden moments of harmonic beauty. The complexity of the piece will make it a favorit...

Kids Lovely Whistle Ukulele (Advertising)

It is a lovely, cute, fancy, happy, bright, enjoyable, playful, cheerful song with whistle and ukulele. Perfect for happy kids projects, scene playing with toys, educational programs for young children, advertising, commercial, promotional video, etc.

Chinese Lively Pop

It is a lively, happy, pleasant, and oriental pop music using a Chinese musical instruments. Perfect for documentary, movie, drama and animation set in China. The Chinese Instruments are Erhu, YangQin, Dizi, Suona and Gong.riental pop music using a Chinese musical instruments.

Rock Guitar Hero

A refreshing real rock guitar with the rawest sound. Earth-shaking riffs inspired by classic rock and roll legends. This is what would have happened if The Rolling Stones and Guns N' Roses got to jam together. The aggression and intensity created by overdriven guitar parts will electrify your projec...

Chinese Enjoyable (Pipa solo)

It is solo of Pipa (Chinese guitar) that is fun, bright, good spirits and enjoyable. Perfect for a drama set in China, a background music in exotic(Chinese) stores, etc.

Hopeful 90sec (Promotional)

It is a hopeful, warm, peaceful, motivational, refreshing, romantic, happy and positive track. Perfect for promotional video, documentary movie, corporate, advertisement, commercial, etc.

Jazz Happy Warm 30sec (Advertising)

It's a Jazz track that is casual, happy, peaceful, gently, serene, warm, bright and positive. Perfect for jingles, advertising, commercials, TV program and more. The main instruments are piano, flute and acoustic guitar.
Yann Keerim
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