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Chinese Lively Pop

It is a lively, happy, pleasant, and oriental pop music using a Chinese musical instruments. Perfect for documentary, movie, drama and animation set in China. The Chinese Instruments are Erhu, YangQin, Dizi, Suona and Gong.riental pop music using a Chinese musical instruments.

Rock Guitar Hero

A refreshing real rock guitar with the rawest sound. Earth-shaking riffs inspired by classic rock and roll legends. This is what would have happened if The Rolling Stones and Guns N' Roses got to jam together. The aggression and intensity created by overdriven guitar parts will electrify your projec...

Chinese Enjoyable (Pipa solo)

It is solo of Pipa (Chinese guitar) that is fun, bright, good spirits and enjoyable. Perfect for a drama set in China, a background music in exotic(Chinese) stores, etc.

Hopeful 90sec (Promotional)

It is a hopeful, warm, peaceful, motivational, refreshing, romantic, happy and positive track. Perfect for promotional video, documentary movie, corporate, advertisement, commercial, etc.

Jazz Happy Warm 30sec (Advertising)

It's a Jazz track that is casual, happy, peaceful, gently, serene, warm, bright and positive. Perfect for jingles, advertising, commercials, TV program and more. The main instruments are piano, flute and acoustic guitar.

Calm (Japanese Contemporary)

It is a calm, grand, warm, beautiful, emotional, nostalgic, peaceful, happiness and soft track. Perfect for Japanese beautiful scenery video, Japanese Tourism promotion movie, documentary set in japan, The main instruments are a Japanese Koto and Shakuhachi.etc.

Ambient Logo

Refreshing and ambient logo. Perfect for corporate advertising logo stings with a clean, fresh and minimal feel.

Clever Soltions

Enlightening, uplifting orchestral music with a breezy, lively mood. Bright pizzicato strings from a small chamber orchestral ensamble, delicate piano melodies and light pattering cymbals. Truly inspirational track fits perfectly in tv productions, documentaries, films and corporate videos. Fast tem...

Cute Uplifting Future Bass

A bouncy energetic track in the style of kawaii future bass EDM. Creates a lively passionate uplifting vibe with its cute playful synths, bright bursting melodies, and funky fun percussion. In addition to the full 2:28 version, includes 1:22, 1:02, 0:40, and 0:17 versions.

Bouncy Upbeat Rock (Promotional)

It is a enjoyable, upbeat, uplifting, driving, exhilarating, motivating, hopeful, refreshing, bracing, youthful, bright and positive track. Perfect for enjoying sports movies, positive and happy promotional videos, advertising, corporate movies, YouTube, etc.

Wonderful Inspirational Passion

Highly inspirational and motivational music track to use in your commercial, corporate video or other production in need of an uplifting and modern tone. The track builds from minimal instrumentation to a central chorus using piano, bells, strings and beats. You can easily cut parts of the track to ...
Yann Keerim
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