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Downtempo (Bask Spring)

This is a gritty abstract / downtempo electronica with strong tech and industrial vibe. Featured confident beats, electronic synths, distant arpeggios and soaring mood. Great for tech oriented timelapse, slideshow about automation, manufacture, factory, machine-made, different technical footages and...

Gangsta Swags

loopable Hip hop track with an edgy urban swaggar and attitude. Cool and hypnotic vibe great for ads, TV and Film

Punk Power

Loopable classic punk rock track with driving beat, distorted guitars, and chugging leads. Great for aggressive content, sports, auto racing, bar scenes, and lifestyle content

Trappin Fappin

gritty trap hip hop urban track that starts with a wah type guitar riff. Cool abnoxious attitude vibe complete with orchestral hits and synth drones. For sports/action themed content or lifestyle entertainment programming

They Call Me Hip Spanker

Guitar chugging trap beat with eclectic swaggar vibe. Cool and arrogant appeal with vocal stabs, lofi perc and synth plucks. Suitable for reality TV, Film soundtrack, and Urban entertainment/lifestyle content

Salty Syrup

Industrial Hard Rock Track with synth vibes, metal riffs and chuggs, and driving electronic groove. For action/adventure content and sports lifestyle programming

Kick The Habit

Hard hitting & intense industrial rock with EDM elements. Distorted guitars and synth drones along with driving drum groove. Gritty and powerful suitable for action scenes and sports related content

Im Onto You

Old skool EDM house track with a 90s feel but with modern flair. Synth plucks and groovy beats. Fun danceable track great for club/dance scenes and lifestyle content

Gangsta Wok

Hip hop trap track with an edgy, dark, urban swaggar and attitude. World instruments, 808s, cinematic percussion & trap drums. Cool and hypnotic vibe great for ads, TV and Film

Gangsta Smoothie

Hip hop orchestral track with a world ethnic African lead melody. Bouncy and mordern, Cool vibe filled with swaggar. Great for Urban Films, Lifestyle programming, and reality TV

Bright Love Sunshine

Uplifting Indie Folk Rock Track with acoustic guitars, banjo, bass drum, atmospheric pads, and vocal oohs. Button ending


Amazing time OF SPRING! When the singing of birds wakes up nature from sleep and the earth wakes up and the spring sun gives everyone warmth and prosperity. The gentle-sounding track is filled with soft violins, piano, glogenspiel, pizzicato, and long-drawn-out violin sounds. A romantic, warm and so...

Upbeat Club Party

Incredibly upbeat and uplifting electronic dance music track that is great as background music in commercials, advertisements, promos, TV shows, movies, video games and more. It features melodic synths and a heavy drop for all of you to dance.


It was a cold spring night when I plugged in my bass and jammed over this rhythmic loop. It is a rather funky and bluesy little solo, on a single note bass line. I remember listening to a lot of Sly and the Family Stone(One of my favorite Soul/Funk groups) around the days that I played this. As the ...

Happy Spring Acoustic Folk

This track will perfectly fit for inspirational videos and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films ,TV, nature videos and photo slideshows,commercials, corporated videos, movies and more.
Yann Keerim
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