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Hilarious Kids

It is a hilarious, fun, enjoyable, upbeat, cheerful, happy, playful, lovely, and bright track. Perfect for happy advertisements, young child or animals projects, educational videos, animation, games, YouTube, and more. The main instrument used is the recorder, whistle, ukulele and marimba

Fancy Kids Jingle

It is a fancy, funny, lovely, pretty, enjoyable, playful, and bright track. Perfect for charming advertisements, projects involving young children or animals, educational videos, animation, games, and more. The main instrument used is the recorder.

Cute Funny Kids

This track is cute, funny, happy, lovely, pretty, fun, enjoyable, pleasant, playful, bright and positive. Perfect for lovely advertisements, kids or animals projects, educational videos, animation, YouTube, etc. The main instrument used are xylophone, ukulele and piano.

Lovely Comical Kids

It is a happy, lovely, pretty, cute, funny, enjoyable, upbeat, pleasant, playful, bright and positive track. Perfect for lovely advertisements, kids or animals projects, educational videos, animation, games, YouTube, etc. The main instruments used are whistle, marimba, accordion and ukulele.

Careless Whistle

Bright and catchy carefree track for your commercial, advertisement, podcast, blog, video, you name it! Featuring ukulele, whistle, drums and mallets it brings a great vibe for you to enjoy. Good day!

Spring In Middle Asia

An inspiring, happy, middle asian magic track with mood of spring festival called "Navruz".Energetic and bright hybrid ethno sound, suitable for Ramadan, Islam documentaries, hystorical or modern films about Eastern, Asia, Middle East, muslim advertising etc.

Beautiful Innocent Cinematic Theme

A tender, delicate main theme, featuring catchy piano and melodica, light pizzicato strings, bright flute, basson, glockenspiel. Perfect for ads, commercial, promo, corporate and any kind of sentimental, nostalgic scene. Reunion, old lady, memories, once upon a time, remember, photo album, french vi...

Asian Cinematic

Dramatic sad asian style music with native instruments. Perfect choice for filming, fantasy asian video, Spring or Autumn festival and anothers


Perfect for advertisement with the image of playing with toys, picnic scene, lively projects, etc. It is a lovely, cute, fancy, happy, bright, enjoyable, playful, cheerful song. The main instruments are whistling, bell, acoustic guitar, clap and toys.

Spring Flows

An inspiring, romantic cinematic piano track with beautiful grand piano and bright pad, great background for youtube videos, landscapes, discovery videos, adverts, presentations, nature videos, slideshows etc.

Warm Acoustic Guitar Background

A beautiful organic acoustic guitar track, featuring delicate picking, soft tones and authentic fret noises. Styled for background and underscore in calm, contemplative, emotional or romantic scenes. Documentary, feature film, ad, commercial, corporate, youtube, wedding video. Cowboy, camp fire, pro...

Spring In A Dream

Bright and cheerful orchestral music. The expression of joy and uplift is perfectly suitable for accompanying family video, sensual New Year show, plays, television, radio, and much more.

Memories of Spring

An uplifting track featuring a piano motif that builds with strings, leading to an inspirational climax. Perfect as a background for motivational, inspiring, emotional videos.

Spring Journey (Leisure Background Guitar)

A calm acoustic track with a simple guitar arpeggio and a soft and warm melody, creating a carefree and positive atmosphere. Great for background music in videos, advertising, presentations, children or family videos, corporate projects, as well as on hold music.

Downtempo (Bask Spring)

This is a gritty abstract / downtempo electronica with strong tech and industrial vibe. Featured confident beats, electronic synths, distant arpeggios and soaring mood. Great for tech oriented timelapse, slideshow about automation, manufacture, factory, machine-made, different technical footages and...

Gangsta Swags

loopable Hip hop track with an edgy urban swaggar and attitude. Cool and hypnotic vibe great for ads, TV and Film

Trappin Fappin

gritty trap hip hop urban track that starts with a wah type guitar riff. Cool abnoxious attitude vibe complete with orchestral hits and synth drones. For sports/action themed content or lifestyle entertainment programming

They Call Me Hip Spanker

Guitar chugging trap beat with eclectic swaggar vibe. Cool and arrogant appeal with vocal stabs, lofi perc and synth plucks. Suitable for reality TV, Film soundtrack, and Urban entertainment/lifestyle content

Kick The Habit

Hard hitting & intense industrial rock with EDM elements. Distorted guitars and synth drones along with driving drum groove. Gritty and powerful suitable for action scenes and sports related content
Yann Keerim
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