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That Christmas

Gentle and kind, magical, fairytale and cinematic Christmas track creates a mood of happiness, celebration, fun! Perfect for any Christmas project. Instruments: bells, pianos, violins, strings, flutes, strings, horns. Merry Christmas!

That Ambient Music

Ambient Music Beautiful atmospheric track with a gentle and soft piano chords with ambient solo electric guitars and airy background pads is perfect for your multimedia project such as: Vlogs, Commercials, Corporate presentations, Infographics, slideshows, slowmotion, travel, Andoird App, Games, iOS...

Angels We Have Heard

A gorgeous, classical Christmas carol, with a gentle piano and lush strings orchestra, ideal for Hallmark Christmas movies, Xmas ads, vlog backgrounds, or fairytales.

Away In A Manger

An exciting, uplifting Christmas carol, with a lovely piano, expressive strings and Americana feel to it, great for Xmas films, fairy tales, ads, winter, or family montages.


A heroic, mid-tempo cinematic theme, with airy piano, pads, guitars, strings, marching snares, and percussions, great for films, TV shows, dramatic, or intense scenes.

Exotic Beach

A chillout Future Bass track that expresses the night of a city near an exotic beach. The song has a flowy groovy vibe, incorporates ethnic instruments such as dulcimer, with deep flowed future bass, electronica drums, foleys, and female vocal chops.

Candela (Flamenco)

Fiery and passionate flamenco instrumental with the traditional sound of 2 Spanish guitars and hand clapping. Romantic, valiant and melodic. This track, being slightly over-the-top, could also be (and has been) used to underscore comedy. Instrumental, Latin, Flamenco

Little Puppet

A very soft and melodic lullaby, featuring a combination of music boxes. Great for background music in children videos, presentations or other projects requiring a soft and sentimental atmosphere.

Starlight Valse

A calm and sentimental melody going from harp to flutes and finally to the violin, leading to an emotional full orchestra climax and ending softly but with a touch of mystery.

Bizarre Nature (Ambient Documentary)

Warm, space groove with timeless feel. Submerges in relaxable, contemplate atmosphere. Suitable for waiting moments

After Play (Vocal Deep House)

Moody Deep House track great for club scene with menacing undertones pulsing bass line trance like lead with atmospheric pad sweeps, ethereal qualities towards end, European house feel. Good for Pod cast background. Instrumental, Dance, Deep House

Bad Love (Epic Dark Dramatic Pop)

A grand, soaring electro-soul song about a broken relationship and being hurt, with haunting female lead vocals, airy piano, strings, keys, pulses, and big percussions, ideal for films, credits, majestic scenery, and horror stories.

Angels In Heaven

A bright, dreamy orchestral and choir soundscape, featuring angelic harp glissando, mystical bells and airy strings. Evoking heavenly bodies, floating clouds and happy afterlife in paradise. Building to an epic finale.
Yann Keerim
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