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Technology Inside

Amazing and mysterious, detective adventure track. All the Elements in the track talk to each other creating an atmosphere of mystery and playful thoughtful mood. It will fit perfectly into a children’s project, cartoon or detective titles of a TV series or movie.

Travel China

Travel China is a relaxed Asian Pop instrumental, which is perfect for any material relating to China or Asia. The Chinese percussion, flute and zither ad the ethnic flavor to this piece of music and your project as well.

Run - Up

Energetic, rock, groovy track. Drive guitar and insistent bass with clear contours of drums. This track will perfectly fit into videos about extreme sports, travel, TV shows. Let's create cool video projects together!

This Is Our Time

An inspirational upbeat corporate composition featuring positive piano chords, nice muted rhythm guitar, playful funk guitar, smooth strings, a warm bass and an easy electronic beat. Perfect for image and TV commercials, radio commercials, advertising, presentation, corporate videos, YouTube and rad...

I’m Happy

A happy, playful and joyful melody that creates a positive and life-affirming mood. Light whistling and glockenspiel play with each other, and rhythm guitar, bass and drums help to jump and feel joy. It will perfectly fit into your video project with children’s and family videos. An easy trip or j...

happy days

motivational and inspiring happy, joyful...easy to listen to happy days and happy future!!!

il mio cuore canta

vocal version of the song "nel mio cuore" inspirational,discovery,future,dreamy... search

Modern Sitars Beat

BMP: 100 Modern indian music! This indian beat is a mix of traditional indian instruments and percussions and deep sub bass sounds with powerful electronic drums.

Positive Mood

A positive, light, rhythmic and invigorating track. Melodic synthesizer parts, soft bass, well-coordinated drums create a single positive mood and motivation. It will perfectly emphasize videos about travel, corporate videos, videos for TV shows and just cool projects.
Yann Keerim
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