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The Scotsmens True Love

A classical, epic piece of music, leaned to the traditional scottish music themes. It's using orchestral strings, brass, percussion, flutes, piccolo flutes choir and bagpipes. Great as background music for travel, historical movies or as a romatic theme.


An oriental Arabic music track in near east mood featuring guitar, bongos, violins, and percussion. Perfect near and middle eastern atmosphere, documentary, movie, travel acoustic backgrounds, and more!

80s Karate Theme

A meditative 80s instrumental synth song in style of 80s martial arts movies. Perfect for video games, movie scenes, documentaries, video blogs and any project dealing with Karate, traditional martial arts, Japan and the 80s.


A mysterious and dreamy track evoking ancient times in middle eastern countries, pharaohs, deserts and pyramids. Great fit for history and nature documentaries, travel show video, meditative and abstract videos, experimental projects, video games and movies.

Kung Fu Legend

An epic and heroic orchestral composition featuring Chinese dizi bamboo flute. Perfect for video games, movie scenes, documentaries, video blogs and any project dealing with kung fu, traditional martial arts and ancient China.

The Silver Spear (Lively Irish Folk)

A lively, fun packed version of the traditional Irish folk reel, The Silver Spear. Works great for St Patrick's Day ads and promotions or any other similar Irish related products. Features fiddle, recorder, bodhran, bones, claps, shouts, banjo, guitar and bass. 4 edits available, one is a loop.

Völva (Shamanic Viking Music)

An atmospheric and ritualistic soundscape with a mystical ambience featuring medieval instruments, deep percussions, throat singing and beautiful women vocalizes. Great fit for history and period documentaries, antropology projects, meditative and abstract videos, fantasy, Viking films and games a...

Latin Funk Percussion Drum Beat

Percussion track combining a cool blend of traditional latin congas, bongos, shakers and a modern funky drum beat. Uplifting, punchy and very danceable, this groovy track is great as background music for web videos, travel, cultural and adventure shows.

Chinese Corporate Logo

This eastern corporate logo has a stereotypical sound of chinese martial arts movies. It is an excellent intro, stinger or logo for anything relating to Asia.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is a Chinese traditional-style relaxing piece of music dedicated to the beauty of nature. Played by Gu Zhen and flute.

Indian Spirits Of Sitar - Loop Version

Motivational track of Indian music. Great choice for travel projects, documentaries, dance projects and many other ethnic oriented related to India. Features traditional instruments as Sitar, Tabla, Tanpura, Santur, Dholak. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Qi Gong Master

This relaxing piece of world music is perfect for practicing qi gong, tai chi, yoga or any meditation method. You may also use it for relaxed nature videos. It's a mix of traditional Chinese instruments and synth pads.
Yann Keerim
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