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Crystal clear piano sound is absolutely great for TV and radio advertising and commercial, corporate and marketing projects, art and beauty projects, women and motherhood projects, mother and baby projects, and projects that capture special and unforgettable moments in our lives.

Feel Good Day - Loop Version

This royalty free music soundtrack can be used as a background for your advertising, business presentations, product promotions, commercial projects, corporate slideshows, promotional videos, YouTube channels video and other various corporate applications. Suitable for lifestyle and travel, medical ...

Vocal Pop

A positive and uplifting melody. Summer, the sea and glamorous friends at pop parties, what could be more fun when life is beautiful! It will fit perfectly into your party videos, travel videos and just positive videos.

Valentine's Day Together!

Happy Valentine's Day! This is a catchy pop instrumental featuring the sound of bells, percussion, bass, synth, and more. Eliciting a fun and dreamy vibe, this is a very versatile tune. This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, blogs, podcasts, film projects, radio b...

Urban Vlog Hip Hop

Urban Vlog Hip Hop is a stylish, modern music track with a laidback, smooth vibe. It features mellow guitars, synths, a drifting trap beat and echoey vocal effects. Perfect for vlogs, YouTube videos, travel videos, commercials, advertising, party background, unique branding, rap/trap compilation, lo...

Story Introduction Theme

Exciting friendly musical introduction consisting of piano, marimba and rhythmic elements.

Inspire Creativity Meditation

Inspire Creativity Meditation is a soothing meditative soundscape created with inspiring creativity in mind. Featuring the sound of strings, a church choir, organ, wind chimes, and synth, this is a powerful ambient instrumental. This motivating clip could help in film projects, radio bits, cartoon...

Epic Orchestral Transitions

These are transitions and stingers that features the sound of orchestral strings and woodwinds. This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertisements, tech projects, corporate pres...

Trap Hip Hop (World To Turn)

This track is perfect for any promotion, commercial, advertising video, travel video, showreel video, tiktok video, instagram stories, bmx and skate video, clothing video, footwear advertisment, youtube clip, photo collage and slideshow, underground culture, rap video, urban and street lifestyle vid...


A measured, technological hip hop track. Atmospheric and steady synthesizer parts create a positive ambient mood with elements of technology.

Quirky Kids

Quirky Kids is an upbeat, fun childish song. It’s perfect for your corporate, carefree, and cheerful commercials. It could also be used for children’s and kid’s projects. BMP: 100

The Acoustic Guitar River

The Acoustic Guitar River is a calm and inspirational music track that sounds as peaceful and soothing as the water flowing in a river. It features a simple and sophisticated acoustic guitar motif that brings hope and evokes the desire to live and create. Perfect for family videos, slide shows, trav...

Neon in the Rain

An uplifting track using synths to give a retro feeling. This track is great for anything positive or nostalgic in nature.

Inspiring Piano Transitions

This is a transition or bumper that features inspiring piano, wind chimes, and atmospheric ambience. This clip could help in film projects, radio bits, cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertisements, tech projects, corporate...

Pulse Heart

A positive, rhythmic, pulsating track. Motivational mood and hope for the future Guitar bust creates movement, soft drums, bass and piano with glockenspiel and airy synthesizers complement the sound picture of the track. Let's create cool projects together!
Yann Keerim
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