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Easter is an upbeat, bouncy, joyful track. Featuring a ukulele, acoustic guitars, piano, happy bells. The mood is easy, positive, cheerful. Perfect for:  Easter projects and promos, commercials & advertising, summer projects, children's projects, happy and funny videos, cooking tutorials, tv & rad...

Noble Banquet

An instrumental orchestral Waltz track with an elegant vibe. Perfect for film soundtracks or ads.

Success Corporate

Commercial positive and happy, optimistic, success, business, confident corporate with electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, pad synths, drums, percussion, strings, bass, bells

Fun Pop

This track is full of fun, sunny mood. It`s a middle tempo music with straight beat. You can hear strings, lead melody synth, 80s style bells, electric guitar and groovy drums.

Upbeat Ukulele

Fun and sunny mood in super cheerful composition “Upbeat Ukulele”. You can hear bright ukulele, joyful whistle, optimistic glockenspiel, groovy drums, claps and snips. This music is best suited for videos with children, family oriented commercials, comedy videos, curious video with animals, tv a...

Cinematic Documentary

This is cinematic theme, ideal for documentary films. Strings, piano, bells, marimba and a lot of different percussions make thoughtful meditative atmosphere. Mood – calm, serious, dreamy, dramatic.

Transparent Bells Logo

Clean and transparent logo with beautiful synths and catchy bells. Will be great for business presentation, vlogs intro, radio imaging and TV commercial.

Quirky Playful Fun Rock

Fun indie pop rock with quirky and playful mood. Bells, live acoustic and electric guitars, choir vocals and pumpy drums will uplifting and inspiring your customers. Well suited for teen and children media projects, vacation and travel vlogs, family oriented commercials, curious animals videos and...

Sweet Piano Logo

Sweet and delicious piano logo with cute bells and fairy transitions. Will be great for advertising with babies, womans products, confectionery, banks, insurance, where valued trust and care.

Magic Logo

Modern and fairy magic logo. Ambient synths and windchimes bells makes perfect imaging for your corporate projects, vlog intro, tv advertising, crowdfunding video, viral marketing, social media marketing etc

Inspiring Whistling

Joyful motive with ukulele, whistle, piano, violins. Suitable for vlogs about travel, holidays, vacations and other projects.

Inspiring Corporate

Inspiring Corporate is an uplifting dynamic pop music with working mood. Clear and soft arrangement with guitars, piano, bells, pulsing bass makes really stand out atmosphere for you media projects.

Dreamy Mood

Light acoustic theme with incredible heartwarming female singing. Acoustic guitar, bells, slide electric guitar makes fairy, peaceful atmosphere. Will be great for travel and lifestyle vlogs, family oriented commercials, romantic wedding videos, ads with children, corporate presentations and many mo...

Good Day

Positive and peaceful music with bells, ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, violin and a lot of percussion. Will be great for any kind of cheerful media projects, family oriented ads, travel blog background, explainers and many more.

Optimistic Logo

Positive and major logo with piano, bells and sound effects. Compact and impact.

Uplifting Rock

Uplifting Rock is an inspiring light music. You can hear live electric guitars, piano, bells, drums and claps. This music can be beautiful background for storytelling, corporate and travel video and radio projects.

Corporate Background

Corporate Background is light music track with synths, guitars, piano and bells. Mood is uplifting, positive and inspiring. This music will be good for business presentations, stories of success, motivational, sport , lifestyle and travel videos, technology, educational films, creative design and be...

Quirky Sly And Funny - Loop Version

This one is a sneaky and mischievous background music, a comedy cinematic theme with quirky and funny mood. If you need a subtle comical underscore for your elegant humor scene, this is the track for you. It features clarinet, oboe, bouncy pizzicato strings, xylophone, bells, orchestral mallet instr...


Quirky and engaging epic track with accentuated strings and woodwinds, setting the mood for a bright and more suspenseful atmosphere. High bells, orchestra runs and percussion accompany the arrangement and create a rather playful and symphonic stage. Climax is realized by an emotional part with long...

White Walls

Classical and emotional rich track, soft and beautifully dressed within a narrow orchestration. Driven by vibrant strings, fluent brass and the grand piano. Mid part intensifies in arrangement and sets the stage for a bigger, higher and ore glorious adventagous sound. Closure is realized in the pian...

Super Wakio (Retro 8bit)

A piece that features all the glorious sounds of 8 bit chip tune gaming. You will be transported back to a time when 4MB of RAM was a thing of dreams. It is a fun, energetic track that would work really well with quirky travel sequences, retro themed productions or just as a fun track to be inspired...
Yann Keerim
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