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Snowboard Show

Let’s go to the break! Snow, mountains and of course snowboarding. Beautiful tricks, jumps and falls. Beautiful girls, informal guys, bright clothes, energy and everything that makes life brighter. We present our new track, which conveys all these emotions. It’s a mixture of Punk, Hip-Hop, Trap ...

Perfect Day

Rhythmic indie rock composition. The catchy riff and melodic chorus make this melody unique. Suitable for advertising glamorous fashions, perfumes, clothes, phones, etc. Easily edited for any video segment. There are two versions in the archive: Perfect Day Short Version – 0:34 sec Perfect Day –...


A light danceable pop track that is a pleasure to use in your project. The mix of modern and retro sounds gives the composition a special interest. It will fit anywhere, both for advertising and for reviewing an event. An interesting compositional pit adds extra drama. For ease of installation, the ...

Dreaming Of Africa (Inspirational African Trailer)

A rhythmic and uplifting African inspired piece, full of energy and tradition. Great for films with African content, documentaries, travel vlogs, cultural historical scenes, advertisements and more. Features: Traditional African drums and hand percussion, native vocal FX, kora, ngoni, kalimba, marim...

We Have Faith (Lively Shout Style Gospel)

A fast and lively Gospel styled piece singing of faith. Works great for films with religious content, documentaries, travel and church videos. Features: female vocals, female bvs, hammond organ, piano, electric piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, hand claps and drums. 2 edits available Long and s...

Happy Uplifting Guitars

Happy Uplifting Guitars is a cheerful, happy and uplifting composition with drums, bass, guitars, piano, organ, bells and strings This piece can be used in may different kinds of videos such as: explainers, home videos, funny videos, product releases, corporate usage and many more. It contains 5 v...

Happy Carefree Ukelele

Happy Carefree Ukelele is a happy and cheerful composition with drums, bass, ukelele, piano, organ, bells and strings. This piece can be used in may different kinds of videos such as: explainers, home videos, funny videos, product releases, corporate usage and many more. It contains 5 versions: Fu...

Comedy Series

Comedy Series is a bubbly, humorous music track that creates a light atmosphere of fun and carefree playfulness. It features an upbeat orchestral arrangement with violins, xylophone, tuba, bells and strings. Ideal for comedy series, cartoons, short commercials, advertising, marketing projects, posit...

Jungle World - Short Version

Epic tribal royalty free background/beat soundtrack, contains huge of different percussion. Suitable for geographical videos or anything that needs a ethno/world music background. Perfect for Travel video’s and documentaries. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Dramatic and Emotional

Sentimental cinematic track which packs a lot of emotions. It features a string ensemble consisting of violins, violas and cellos and percussion. It is perfect as underscore or background music in a variety of projects like short movies and films, video games, commercials, advertisements, promos, do...
Yann Keerim
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